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 (ə-gĭn′) Chiefly Upper Southern US
1. Against.
2. Opposed to: I'm agin him.
3. Next to; beside; near.
4. By or before (a specified time): "I'll be there agin daylight" (North Carolina informant in DARE).
By the time that.

[Regional variant of against.]


an informal, facetious, or dialect word for against
[C19: from obsolete again against]



prep. Dial.
against; opposed to.


[əˈgɪn] PREP (Scot) (also hum) = against to be or take agin sthoponerse a algo


[əˈgɪn] prep (esp Scot) to be agin sthessere contro qc
References in classic literature ?
La Folle goin' mine you; Doctor Bonfils goin' come make mon Cheri well agin.
You will find a beautiful print of it just opposite yon rock, agin the hillside.
You know the saloon is one of them patent houses you can take to pieces, and I've been reckoning you boys will have to pitch in and help me to take the whole shanty over to the laurel bushes, and put it up agin Kearney's cabin.
Well, it'll stand, if it only keeps jam up agin de wall
He just had strength enough to crawl up on to the comb and lean his back agin the chimbly, and then he collected his impressions and begun to free his mind.
Well, I know what I's gwyne to do: I's gwyne to set down here and listen tell I hears it agin.
En Doctor Claypool he 'uz a-workin' at him, en Pudd'nhead Wilson he 'uz a-he'pin', en ole Jedge Driscoll en Pem Howard 'uz a-standin' out yonder a little piece waitin' for 'em to get ready agin.
Well, you see, I'm a kind of a hard lot, -- least everybody says so, and I don't see nothing agin it -- and sometimes I can't sleep much, on account of think- ing about it and sort of trying to strike out a new way of doing.
Now who ever had anything agin that poor trifling no-account?
They're fightin' it in Augusty, but I'd back Ladd agin any o' them legislaters if he thought he was in the right.
What do you mean by flopping yourself down and praying agin me?
Sixpenn'orth of bad ha'pence,' hoped 'I should know him agin to swear to' - in allusion, I have no doubt, to my staring at him.