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 (ăj′ĭ-tə, ä′jĭ-)
1. Acid indigestion.
2. Informal Nervousness or worry; agitation: economic uncertainties that gave investors agita.

[American pronunciation spelling (perhaps using t to represent the pronunciation of das an alveolar flap, or influenced by agitate) of a southern Italian dialectal variant of Italian acido, acid, from Latin acidus, sour; see acid.]


1. acid indigestion
2. anxiety


(ˈædʒ ɪ tə)
1. heartburn; indigestion.
2. agitation; anxiety.
[1980–85, Amer.; < Italian, <agitare < Latin agitāre agitate]
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Nowadays, executives in the international entertainment industry may not only get agita from reading Dom Serafini's "My2cents" editorials in VideoAge Monthly and VideoAge Daily, but they can also listen to them on Amazon's audiobooks: Words of Wisdom: My 2 cents on the Television Biz (www.
Nada se agita en nosotras fuera de una sensualidad esteril .
Tutto si agita, si muove, si cangia, ma tomo ancora a ripeterlo il nocciuolo dell'ordine futuro si e gia composto, e ad ogni giorno agglomera intorno a se nuovi elementi, come quelle nebulose che aggirandosi ingrandiscono, spesseggiano e diminuiscono densita e confusione all'atmosfera atomistica che le circonda.
Dubai was presented with the Agita Mundo Award in the National Projects in Physical Activities during the course of the ICPAPH recently held in the second largest city of Brazil.
In Adan Buenosayres, Adan asks " Que pueblo es ese que tanto se agita en la llanura?
But at the end of the week we are ready to go there again," Agita said.
Asfissiato dalla sua maschera, secondo il poeta, l'essere umano rischia di scomparire: chi si agita appena dietro le larve di una scialba esistenza borghese emette un grido di dolore che e ormai quasi impercettibile.
Anyone who was ever picked on at school, and who ( finally ) after enduring months and months of agita from that annoying, snotty-nosed little school bully, reached boiling point in a maelstrom of uncontrollable rage (one that should, really, if the universe was truly fair, have been accompanied with the final bars of the first movement of Beethoven's fifth ringing from the heavens), knows exactly what I'm talking about.
And that has the potential to cause Romney a few moments of agita in the coming weeks when and if he visits the North Country again.
porque a gente se agita, deixando tudo o que e ruim de lado .
What's causing the most agita among TEI members is the potential reaction of the field to the schedule.
The burger is cut into six pizza-style slices, allowing diners to share the agita and the ecstasy.