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adv. & adj.
Brightly shining.


(postpositive) glowing; gleaming



gleaming; bright; radiant.
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Adj.1.agleam - bright with a steady but subdued shiningagleam - bright with a steady but subdued shining; "from the plane we saw the city below agleam with lights"; "the gleaming brass on the altar"; "Nereids beneath the nitid moon"
bright - emitting or reflecting light readily or in large amounts; "the sun was bright and hot"; "a bright sunlit room"


adj prederleuchtet; his eyes were agleam with mischiefseine Augen blitzten or funkelten schelmisch
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He is all agleam with bullion, a blue-and-gold edition of the Poetry of War.
Lanes sometimes like a fairy world agleam with sunshine of a bright summer; a summer which was brightest of all times.
he stood silent, proudly wearing his new summer uniform, the shirt starched, the khaki pants sleekly pocketless over the rear and perfectly pressed, the tie pulled taut, cap centered on his close-shaven head, black leather dress shoes spit-shined, agleam, and the belt--the belt that made him feel most like a marine, that tightly woven khaki fabric belt with the metal buckle-girding a waist that had seen him through some ten thousand sit-ups as a raw Parris Island recruit.
Stumbling back to my cottage, I'm a thread born from spider body, agleam.
With rays ablaze on Hester's face and agleam off her rich hair, we have reason to recognize a veritable aureole that replicates, as elsewhere in the narrative, the halos of not only saints but also Madonna and child in Christian art and iconography, an evocation of glorification but, with considerable confidence, not without irony given the sexual energy that fuels the transmutation.
Nazim] pulls the photo from his wallet, giving thanks, even to the Brazilian who owns his kidney, which rides a limo through the boulevards of Rio & daily rubs against a money belt thick with bills & floats beside a bladder streaming piss into a marble urinal, its goal-platted fixtures agleam.
That tells you a little something about Joe's integrity," Osborne adds, his eyes agleam.
By day it's a grey sprawl, but by night it's a black backdrop drenched with diamonds, every light agleam in every window and the bright corporate neon adding a splash of colour.
Developer Daniel Kodsi aimed as high as couture fashion designers in his vision of a glimmering Miami skyline agleam with luxury condo towers.
A tiny brown child sitting all alone beside an aeroplane agleam on a vast plain, mountain-ringed--the picture remains as a symbol of the New Australia that is forming, slowly but surely .