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Associated with or relating to great pain, especially the agony of death.


relating to agony, esp before death


(ˈæg ə nl)

of, pertaining to, or symptomatic of agony, esp. paroxysmal distress, as the death throes.
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Adj.1.agonal - pertaining to or associated with agony (especially death agonies)agonal - pertaining to or associated with agony (especially death agonies)


adj agónico
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IPICD) has announced a tuition-free online program through its IPICD Online Training Center, "One Breath: The Importance of Recognizing Agonal & Other Breathing Problems User-Level Program.
Tenders are invited for Set Of Hoses For 50T Hydraulic Jack With End Fittings Of Make: Parker Or Its Equivalent In Gates/ Tuf Hose As Per Set Details And Specifications Follows: Part Hose Hose Max Min Min Weight End Qty/ Num Id Od Working Working Burst Kg/M Fittings Set Ber Mm Mm Pressure Pressure Pressure Hex Agonal Mpa Mpa Mm Bsp 1.
In small mammals, intussusception may be caused by enteritis, prokinetic drugs, or exercise, or it may be an agonal event.
After my husband's death, I have come to favor euthanasia as well, for home hospice patients in the final, agonal stage of dying, who can no longer ingest medication orally.
Politicizing Brandom's Pragmatism: Nonnativity and the Agonal Character of Social Practice, THOMAS FOSSEN
and Mom, age 79, was agonal with irregular breaths, signaling that she was not long for this world.
We are pleased this has been rectified by West Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust with the introduction of an agonal breathing tool, however we believe this needs to be made compulsory within all NHS ambulance trusts to protect the safety of other patients.
The sense of playfulness that democracy, as an agonal system provided, appears to have been eroded by banality.
Among his topics are the mythic context of agon, agon and war, from agonistic individuality to the overhuman, political theory and agon, and the decline of the agonal age and its significance.
45) bekasakng kinaas: gasping or agonal respiration, lit.
Its rigorous description has to take into account the high dependence of the initial radial orienta tion of macromolecules within spherulites (equatorial, di agonal and polar regions) with respect to the stress axis [18, 19, 31, 32].