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 (ə-gôr′ə-fō′bē-ə, ăg′ər-ə-)
An anxiety disorder characterized by intense fear or anxiety about being in open or public places.

[Greek agorā, marketplace; see ger- in Indo-European roots + -phobia.]

a·gor′a·phobe′ n.
a·gor′a·pho′bi·ac′ (-ăk′) n.
a·gor′a·pho′bic adj. & n.
Usage Note: The traditional pronunciation of agoraphobia places secondary stress on the first syllable (ăg′ər-ə-fō′bē-ə). During the latter part of the 20th century, a variant pronunciation (ə-gôr′ə-fō′bē-ə) with secondary stress on the second syllable became increasingly common even though at first it was met with criticism. In 2001, 66 percent of the Panel preferred the traditional pronunciation. A mere 13 years later, in 2014, that proportion had plummeted to 43 percent. The pronunciation variant has quickly gained acceptance, so much so that the new pronunciation was acceptable to more Panelists (73 percent) than was the traditional pronunciation (67 percent).


a person suffering from agoraphobia


[ˈægərəfəʊb] Nagorafóbico/a m/f
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What it's about: A Brooklyn agoraphobe named Anna Fox spots a new family across the way, but as she gets to know them, she finds out they aren't at all what they seem to be, or even who they seem to be.
Rob, 32, said: "This show made me a particular agoraphobe.
For all this guy knows, I could be an agoraphobe with no hands and he's asking me to go out and unscrew things.
These days it's dangerously easy to cull all your information online, and thus become a default agoraphobe.
Far from being the kind of bedroom philosophe that the media likes to valorize, Jung-Yeon is an agoraphobe and obsessive-compulsive whose room is filled with bags of garbage (recalling Crusoe's hoarding tendency) and whose days are divided between online shopping fantasies and a strict regimen of walking in place.
Stoller, a frequent sitcom guest star and former Seinfeld staff writer, comes off as a cross between Joe Mantegna and Steve Buscemi, his character seeming the quintessential schlub when Vinnie, a kindred agoraphobe and accomplished freeloader, comes to Los Angeles for a visit and stays a short eternity.