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Noun1.agua - largest known toad speciesagua - largest known toad species; native to Central America; valuable destroyer of insect pests
true toad - tailless amphibian similar to a frog but more terrestrial and having drier warty skin
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We reached by the evening, a spring called the Agua del Guanaco, which is situated at a great height.
An open house will be held Tuesday night in Agua Dulce, and written comments on the draft environmental report for the project will be accepted until Jan.
Sin embargo, el 80% del agua del pais la consumen empresas agricolas, mineras y ganaderas, sin pagar nada.
The cashclub installation is part of an enhanced contract renewal with the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians of Southern California.
Arrange bowls of cut-up citrus and other winter favorites, such as cranberries, accompanied by Agua Luca, sugar, a bucket of ice and the necessary tools (a muddler and a shaker).
La empresa pacena Ductec gano una concesion a 40 anos del gobierno boliviano por el derecho al agua del rio Silala.
The downgrade of the 2003 bonds is primarily based on the potential that already stiff competitive pressures of the southern California gaming market will continue to increase going forward as many Tribes, including Agua Caliente, are seeking approval to increase the number of permitted gaming devices under their state compacts.
The Agua Dulce area did not have active or historic landslide activity.
1, 2005, Agua Dulce Partners will pay their construction and mortgage payments for 12 months and pay their closing costs and title policy.
In addition to the channel sampling results, chip and grab samples in the Ojo de Agua area returned anomalous gold assays over a broad area.
The board's vote allows the Agua Dulce Air Park to expand under a decades-old permit, but it also put in place new restrictions.