ahead of time

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Adv.1.ahead of time - before the usual time or the time expectedahead of time - before the usual time or the time expected; "she graduated early"; "the house was completed ahead of time"
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And on the other hand if he came ahead of time he got no pay for that-- though often the bosses would start up the gang ten or fifteen minutes before the whistle.
Wilton Davis had assembled his troupe ahead of time, so that the change of programme was five days away.
Many arrived at the airport well ahead of time and some pack cases a number of days before leaving.
Intesa Sanpaolo had already raised EUR5bn in fresh capital earlier this year to meet the new regulatory requirements ahead of time, said the bank's chief executive Corrado Passera.
The data that was filed using the new XBRL process was much cleaner, free of mathematical errors and, in some cases, received weeks ahead of time in comparison to prior filings.
To be honest, I was ready two months ahead of time, and I had to wait--which was torment--because I knew the thing to do was cut it off in my video.
Students prepare questions ahead of time and are not allowed to ask yes or no questions or anything for which they can easily find an answer.
NOTE: These can be made several days ahead of time, since they keep well in the refrigerator.
All of the recipes are designed to be prepared in quantity and frozen ahead of time, for a simpler lifestyle that saves both money and time.
THE customer comes first at Ahead of Time in central Uddingston - a salon that listens to the wishes of its clients.
At the risk of asserting the obvious, the first key to successfully playing open scores is to get the music as far ahead of time as possible.