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An ornamental cord worn on the shoulder of a military uniform.

[French; see aglet.]


1. (Military) an ornamentation worn by certain military officers, consisting of cords with metal tips
2. (Clothing & Fashion) a variant of aglet
[C19: French; see aglet]


(ˌeɪ gwɪˈlɛt)

an ornamental tagged cord or braid on the shoulder of a uniform; aglet.
[1810–20; < French; see aiguille, -ette]
ai`guil•let′ted, adj.
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The matron soon made her appearance; and the polite Frenchman, making one of his best bows, and playing gracefully with the aiguillettes that danced upon his breast, proceeded in courteous accents to deliver his mission.
He was dressed in a doublet and hose of a violet color, with aiguillettes of the same color, without any other ornaments than the customary slashes, through which the shirt appeared.
Fancy French names signified the higher class of the establishment: Aiguillette of Chicken Halibut, Daumont; Planked Sirloin Steak Bouquetiere; and Baked Sugar Cured Ham with Noodles Chanoinesse (a poor attempt at the word Chinoise) demonstrated the status associated with dining at a CPR hotel.
Designer- couple Pankaj and Nidhi took to a military inspiration with officer hats, badges and aiguillette chords completing the look.
He wears a Knight's Cross with Oakleaves, one of the Third Reich's highest decorations, but it should be at his neck The silver aiguillette, signifying an adjutant, should be worn on the right shoulder rather than left.
Next up was the aiguillette de de Saint-Pierre pochee au basilic risotto de petit epeautre de Sault au parmesan -- a basil-poached filet of John Dory accompanied by risotto with parmesan, the latter resembling an Arabic dish, saucy and creamy.
Aiguillette de beouf au poivre vert has a lovely, bright garnish, mushrooms and a flash of pink courtesy of a sauce with fish roe, all sitting on top of a potato pancake.
This one has a Michelin star courtesy of chef Serge Gouloumes, whose fusion of Italian and Provencal influences results in such spectacular dishes as aiguillette of John Dory with summer truffles, squid cannelloni with Pata Negra ham, or saddle of hare, wasabi mustard, Amandine potato mousseline and spring vegetable tempura.
Called the aiguillette, that cord was said to have a biblical inspiration: it imitated the red rope used by the prostitute Rahab in the Book of Joshua.
During this time, prospective RDCs wear "blue ropes," which they will later exchange for the more familiar red aiguillette of a fully trained RDC.
Regulations authorized wear of the aiguillette, an item of military ornamentation and the international symbol of the military attache, in 1910.
Even though he wore the distinctive Signal Corps emblem on his garrison hat and the aiguillette on his seldom-worn Class A uniform, he worked daily in the FCS filter center.