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Noun1.air bubble - a bubble of airair bubble - a bubble of air      
bubble - a hollow globule of gas (e.g., air or carbon dioxide)
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But as the last two days had been very warm, like an Indian summer, the ice was not now transparent, showing the dark green color of the water, and the bottom, but opaque and whitish or gray, and though twice as thick was hardly stronger than before, for the air bubbles had greatly expanded under this heat and run together, and lost their regularity; they were no longer one directly over another, but often like silvery coins poured from a bag, one overlapping another, or in thin flakes, as if occupying slight cleavages.
Air bubbles trickled slowly upward, showing that the breath had been expelled from their lungs, and after that the bubbles ceased to trickle upward.
30 m and not rising trapezoidal thread spindles) and electronically controlled closures: - ice-free by air bubble system - facilities for continuous water quality measurement - stationary flotation deflector as swimming beam system - bridge (l 13 x w 5 m, 40 t) as concrete frame construction with fillet railing - two-piece control unit (supporting frame, Grating and railing) - air bubble unit with compressor (compressor with frequency converter), Pressure transmitter, Pressure gauge and manual ball valve, Heat tracing - signal house (l 4.
The wine red also appears on the Air bubble with a gold pop appearing on the tongue and heel tab.
Images of the PSU specimen: (a) Optical image of the surface microstructure, bar--100 [micro]m; (b) SEM evaluation of the surface, bar--200 [micro]m; (c) acoustic image (C-scan) of the subsurface layer, bar--1 mm; (d) acoustic image (C-scan) of the internal microstructure at the depth of 300 pm from the surface, bar--1 mm; (e) acoustic image (B-scan), cross-section in the central part of the specimen; 1--air bubble; 2--large internal air bubbles.
An embolism is a blocked artery caused by a foreign body, usually a blood clot or an air bubble.
As the air bubble dispersion rises through the teeter bed, the bubbles become attached to the hydrophobic particles, reducing their effective density and increasing their buoyancy.
The rate of air bubble formation in the banded area was also assessed by visual inspection using a magnifying lens.
As the air bubble dispersion rises through die teeter bed, the bubbles become attached to the hydrophobic particles, reducing their effective density and increasing their buoyancy.
Hydraulic, mechanical, chemical and nuclear power engineering encounters the phenomenon of air bubble entrainment.
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