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However, research has confirmed that nurses may falsely believe that the incidence of air embolism following CVC removal is extremely rare (Ely et al.
Also featured is the Anti Air Embolism Valve to transfusion medicine.
Air embolism is one of the most sudden conditions to arise which would bring a fatal result.
Forensic divers may experience additional risks, including hypothermia, hyperthermia, air embolism, and dehydration.
Depth changes without adequate time for the divers to equalize pressure in internal air spaces could result in barotrauma, air embolism, or other related problems.
Improved safety for patients and healthcare workers, by reducing the risk of accidental needlestick, guidewire and air embolism, contaminated components, and splash contamination.
In a case of massive bleeding, subsequent air embolism can occur.
The company offers a range of cardiac products including mechanical heart valves for aortic and mitral valve replacements, Chord-X Mitral Valve Chordal Repair System, Chord-X ePTFE Suture for chordal replacement and CarbonAid and CarbonMini to prevent air embolism during open-heart surgery.
1,9,10) Death can occur due to acute air embolism, acute fat embolism, acute respiratory insufficiency due to enhanced intra-abdominal pressure and chest compression, acute heart failure due to insufficient preload and peritoneal shock.
c) 980 sets of the above-mentioned oksE-genaatorite air embolism protection system resources needed, which is used in the machine "Jostra" HL-20 and "Jostra" HL-30;
Consider, for example, the potential nephrology issues related to medication administration, infections, vascular accesses, air embolism, disequilibrium, exsanguination, and handoff and transition safety.
1 There had been no bleeding complication and no air embolism in 36 successive patients.