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Noun1.air flow - the flow of airair flow - the flow of air; "she adjusted the fan so that the airflow was directed right at her"
flow, flowing - the motion characteristic of fluids (liquids or gases)
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The scavenging ratio is determined from the air flow through the engine, atmospheric conditions, and cylinder geometry.
Standard features include horizontal/vertical air flow with adjustable air ducts, digital indicating set-point controller, NEMA ball bearing motors, solid state non-indicating excess temperature controllers, back mounted heat chamber and more, according to the literature.
The system directs uniform air flow perpendicular to the dryer deck throughout the entire length of the fluid bed without requiring a reduction in pressure.
This is accomplished by utilizing one of three air-flow rate settings equivalent to that of the air flow in the laminar hood.
Biomedical Systems has added the Air Flow Wheelchair Cushion to its line of pressure sore prevention products.
The use of laminar air flow rooms for bone marrow transplant recipients has been controversial.
Wind tunnel tests were carried out on different forms of windcatchers to find the most efficient conduit for air flow.
Aavid's Augmented-Fin heat sinks feature a unique, newly developed design that substantially increases air flow turbulence in forced air cooling systems.
Tri-Air has overcome this problem through the use of both surface coatings and the shapes of air flow guides designed to minimise any increase in back pressure resulting from a decrease in the speed of air flow through the non-thermal plasma cell caused by the inclusion of the guide within the cell.
The white paper covers such topics as, why the direct measurement of system air flow is necessary in thermal management, the role of fluid velocity, best practice in measuring air flow, various approaches to performing the measurement, sources of error to avoid in measurement and concludes with a case study.
1 piece air handling unit with the functions heating, convection and heat recovery, air flow approximately 7 500 m3 / h,- 1 piece air handling unit with the functions heating and heat recovery, air flow approximately 5 000 m3 / h,- 1 piece air handling unit with the functions heating and heat recovery, air flow 600 m3 / h,- Ca.
The minimum air flow rate of terminal boxes is a key factor influencing comfort, indoor air quality (IAQ) and energy cost (Cho and Liu 2008, 2009).