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Noun1.Air hammer - a hammer driven by compressed airair hammer - a hammer driven by compressed air  
power hammer, hammer - a power tool for drilling rocks
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The belt was developed with guidance from Sabah Al-Ahmad Center for Giftedness and Creativity, along with "the air hammer," another tool designed to smash compressed glass safely and easily.
Load the driver tool into your air hammer and slide on a socket and wrench (Lisle No.
For more challenging rock formations, special rock bits, reamers and an AT air hammer are available.
We stand frozen, mouths agape, and when we turn off the air hammer, the silence is deafening.
Alice Hamilton, Reports of Physicians for the Bureau of Labor Statistics--A Study of Spastic Anemia in the Hands of Stonecutters, in Effect of the Air Hammer on the Hands of Stonecutters, BULL.
AIR APPARENT: Designed to offer greater handling, power, and reliability, Campbell Hausfeld's new professional series of pneumatic tools includes nine tools: two 1/2-inch impact wrenches, a 6-inch dual action sander, a 3/8 inch ratchet, a 2 5/8-inch air hammer, a full-size die grinder, a cut-off tool, a 3/8-inch reversible drill, and a 3/8-inch keyless-chuck drill.
In the Ford aluminum foundry, X, a building committeeman chastised the Assistant Superintendent, Y, for having another worker perform work with an air hammer on an unstable grate over the conveyor belt.
Tests conducted by Kidd Creek engineers comparing the water hammer with a new ITH air hammer showed an energy cost advantage of $C0.
with its lightweight handheld air hammer that can be adjusted from single hammer taps to heavy impact blows.
The BAH and BVP units are pneumatic single-shot air hammer and direct or air-cushioned low frequency piston type industrial vibrators, respectively.
Then, take the breaking out tool and, using an air hammer, back the rivet out.
A complete system includes a Roughneck air hammer, straight and offset bits, control station/ oiler with integrated electronic controls, drill conversion kit including hoses and fittings, hydraulic breakout tooling and a universal HD high flow rock drill housing that uses the industry standard API thread to make system connection easy.