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Noun1.air horn - a pneumatic hornair horn - a pneumatic horn      
horn - an alarm device that makes a loud warning sound
2.air horn - air intake of a carburetorair horn - air intake of a carburetor    
carburetor, carburettor - mixes air with gasoline vapor prior to explosion
inlet, intake - an opening through which fluid is admitted to a tube or container
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The legion of fans filled the blustery Cardiff air as they took over the capital with football chants and almost continuous air horn blasts as they both prepared for, and later celebrated, the 2-1 win over League Two leaders Carlisle.
Don't pull the mask off the Lone Ranger and please, whatever else you do, don't bring an air horn to graduation.
Vana and Spitz had just made par putts on their final hole and Drohen tapped in for a bogey as the air horn sounded to call players off the course because a cell of thunderstorms that approached the area around 1:30.
Another firefighter laid on the fire engine's air horn.
He eventually remembered that he was carrying an air horn, and blew it in the bear's muzzle, waking others in the camp, said Steve Prysunka, director of the six-week Crossing Wilderness Expeditions for Youth programme for emotionally troubled youths.
This advanced system will be able to simulate the rapid changes in speed that the engine air horn intake sees as the race car travels around the race track.
A glass bottle and an air horn were thrown from the visitors' section and one narrowly missed Dougal who handed it over to the police.
The 41-year-old carried out extensive modifications to a Dutch town bike, fitting an "Airchime KH3A" triple air horn taken from an American locomotive.
The Hurricane Horn is also a great value and a unique product: No one else offers such a compact one-piece air horn.
Anna Robinson, five, from Acklam, complete with halo, fairy wings and air horn, set the ladies off.
Crossing arms were down, signals were blinking and the train's air horn was blowing when the man ran along Avenue J's northern sidewalk and onto the tracks about 10:50 a.