air horn

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Noun1.air horn - a pneumatic hornair horn - a pneumatic horn      
horn - an alarm device that makes a loud warning sound
2.air horn - air intake of a carburetorair horn - air intake of a carburetor    
carburetor, carburettor - mixes air with gasoline vapor prior to explosion
inlet, intake - an opening through which fluid is admitted to a tube or container
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What I propose is a variable-pitch car horn system, a sort of cross between an eighties 'dixie' air horn and the phaser weapons off Star Trek which had different settings such as 'stun, heavy stun, dematerialise and kill.
All have brought in an "excellent noise-making thing" as this week's prize - these include an air horn and an actual opera singer.
The tractor driver was blowing an air horn and brandishing a handgun, threatening to shoot the hunter.
A BRAVE cancer survivor was today sounding the air horn to start the Aintree Race for Life.
But the sounds of an air horn and whistling helped save the family, who went missing overnight Thursday.
It includes car wing mirror covers, car nose, silicone supporters wrist band, inflatable football, footballshaped air horn, drinks holders, plastic tubes and a HUGE flag (140x84cm).
The 41-year-old carried out extensive modifications to a Dutch town bike, fitting an "Airchime KH3A" triple air horn taken from an American locomotive.
Stocksigns, RoSPA's safety sign partner, has developed a sign mounted air horn that may provide the solution where conventional systems are impracticable.
Another Onteca project is Air Horn Piano, an iPad game where people can play air horns using an onscreen piano keyboard.
Anna Robinson, five, from Acklam, complete with halo, fairy wings and air horn, set the ladies off.
If your scoreboard goes blank during a basketball game, you go running for the flip scorecards, whistle or air horn and stopwatch so that you can finish the game.