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The project will provide air pollution analysis equipment needed to measure emission gases, carry out chemical analysis on particulate matter and implement other related activities in Tehran so that the sources of air pollution substances, emission volumes and the generation mechanisms in Tehran can be evaluated and analyzed with higher precision, contributing to a mitigation of the air pollution.
Researchers used air pollution readings from monitoring points within 6 miles of the mothers' homes to calculate levels of exposure to average air pollution during the three trimesters of pregnancy, Health news reported.
In fact, a recent World Health Organisation (WHO) report said one in four deaths among children aged under five are due to environmental hazards, such as air pollution and contaminated water.
To minimize children being exposed to air pollution by getting industries and air polluted stations away from schools.
On the air pollution in Delhi, UNICEF said an estimated 4.
Fast action to tackle air pollution cannot come soon enough," top UN World Health Organisation (WHO) environmental official Maria Neira said of the new air quality model, which includes interactive maps that highlight areas within countries exceeding WHO limits.
Exposure to air pollution increases the risks of noncommunicable diseases like cardiovascular diseases, stroke, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lung cancer and severe respiratory infections.
Air pollution can also eventually lead to pulmonary (i.
The air pollution is one of the noxious kinds of pollution that have number of adverse implications.
More than 3 million deaths worldwide are caused by air pollution each year.
This finding more than doubles previous estimates and confirms that air pollution is now the world's largest single environmental health risk.