air space

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or air space  (âr′spās′)
1. The portion of the atmosphere directly above the land or water, used by aircraft or by earth-based structures such as skyscrapers.
2. The airspace of a particular jurisdiction, such as a nation.
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Noun1.air space - the space in the atmosphere immediately above the earthair space - the space in the atmosphere immediately above the earth
atmosphere, air - the mass of air surrounding the Earth; "there was great heat as the comet entered the atmosphere"; "it was exposed to the air"
space - an area reserved for some particular purpose; "the laboratory's floor space"
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But at others, as the hollow sounding wind swept by us, it seemed to clear the air space around us so that we could see afar off.
Two Turkish F-16 jets shot down a Russian-made Su-24 near the Syrian border on Tuesday after repeatedly warning it over air space violations, Turkish officials have said, but Moscow has claimed that it can prove its jet did not leave Syrian air space and that it was conducting pre-emptive strikes against terrorists in the region.
Mr Cameron's official spokeswoman told a Westminster media briefing that in the 10-minute call, Mr Davutoglu "explained what had happened - that they had a Russian jet flying there, they had warned it several times not to violate Turkish air space, but it had then proceeded to do so and consequently they had taken action to protect their air space".
Broadcaster NTV said it had come 3 km into Turkish air space.
The ministry said on its website on Wednesday it is launching consultations on draft amendment to the Law on Defense and Armed Forces, which aim to ensure that the policing of Bulgarian air space will not be conducted solely by forces and aircraft of Bulgariaas NATO allies.
Air Space currently has the largest indoor trampoline park in Europe, at East Kilbride in Scotland.
The air space development programme entailed the management of systems used for facilitating aircraft flights and control.
A security source said to the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / "The international coalition aircraft stepped up aircraft hovering of the air space of Mosul city during the past 24 hours without any attacks pointing out that aircraft missions are may be dedicated to gather information about places and gathering sites and headquarters of Daash .
These UAVs are strictly prohibited in Dubai air space for any purpose without a prior permit from the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority,'' he emphasised, urging individuals to maintain safety of air space and warning that legal action will be taken against offenders.
Over two million euros a year into the Macedonian budget, increased air traffic and lower prices of airplane tickets are some of the benefits for Macedonia from reopening Kosovo's air space set to occur on 3 April.
Russian planes regularly come close to British air space to probe NATO's defences.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs has conveyed serious concern to the Indian High Commission over the air space violation by two Indian high speed (fighter) aircraft that had intruded 4 kilometers into the Head Sulemanki area at 1040 hours.