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Adj.1.air-breathing - deriving oxygen from the airair-breathing - deriving oxygen from the air; "he studied respiration in marine air-breathing vertebrates"; "large air-breathing ichthyosaurs had hydrofoils"
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Automatic and involuntary as his heart-beating and air-breathing, was his defence of his meat once he had his paw on it, his teeth in it.
For instance, a swim-bladder has apparently been converted into an air-breathing lung.
There the air-breathing rykor would perish as you would perish.
The CRADA offers a framework to assess the performance, applications and development paths for REL s SABRE air-breathing rocket engine, a new class of aerospace engine designed for low cost, responsive space access and high speed atmospheric flight.
Planned for November 2013, MEADS will intercept TBM and air-breathing targets (ABT) attacking at more than 120 degrees to demonstrate capabilities not provided by sectored defenses.
SABRE stands for Synergetic Air-Breathing Rocket Engine, designed by British firm Reaction Engines.