air-raid shelter

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Noun1.air-raid shelter - a chamber (often underground) reinforced against bombing and provided with food and living facilitiesair-raid shelter - a chamber (often underground) reinforced against bombing and provided with food and living facilities; used during air raids
chamber - a natural or artificial enclosed space
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The air-raid shelter had lain undiscovered in the garden of the Penistone Road house in Waterloo for more than 70 years.
Which type of small air-raid shelter was named after a Home Secretary?
There was an underground air-raid shelter in the school playing field (which had been taken over for growing food).
Attractions at the event include a guided visit to Normanby's only remaining air-raid shelter in the depths of the building now occupied by Beevers furniture store, a wartime sing-a-long, an American Army Jeep and a look at Normanby's war connections.
99), I wrote that my earliest childhood memories were of the war and the Anderson air-raid shelter at the bottom of our garden.
My garage was blue - it's unheated, but what did surprise me was that the unheated brick building at the end of my garden, built originally as an air-raid shelter, showed up red.
A DOG trapped down an old air-raid shelter for TWO WEEKS survived the ordeal by drinking rain water and eating insects.
A forgotten air-raid shelter from the second world war was unearthed and parts of the building were completely dismantled and rebuilt exactly as they were before.
Tenement flats with famous names Fontenoy Gardens, Gerard Gardens, Portland Gardens Gardens without any flowers There was an ugly air-raid shelter I remember a legacy left from world war two.
The diary of George Adie, called Our Air-Raid Shelter at 16-18 Cranford Terrace, has now been published by his family who found it.
The bomb had landed about 15 yards away in the yard of a builder who just weeks before had built his own air-raid shelter.
Now tales from the largest air-raid shelter outside of London are to be brought to life in new series How We Won The War to be shown on BBC 2.