air-traffic control

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air-traffic control

an organization that determines the altitude, speed, and direction at which planes fly in a given area, giving instructions to pilots by radio
air-traffic controller n

air′-traf`fic control`

a government service maintaining the safe and orderly movement of aircraft at and between airports.
air′-traf`fic control`ler, n.
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The Air Transport Association is campaigning for funding for a modernized air-traffic control system.
The idea behind corporatization is this: The FAA has more responsibility than it can handle, and air-traffic control is an operational system that should be run like a business, not like a bureaucracy.
The budget is expected to include a proposal to privatize the air-traffic control system and make it wholly user-fee funded, to end subsidies for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and to sell off at least one of the five regional power marketing authorities - holding companies of dams and other electrical power plants - which would probably generate several billion dollars.
WHEN THEY COME TO THE FAA'S OTHER principal role--operating the air-traffic control system--the authors finally reach solid ground.

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