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An airport or airfield, especially a military air base.


(Aeronautics) the US name for aerodrome



a landing field for airplanes that has extensive buildings, equipment, shelters, etc.; airport.

aerodrome, airdrome

an airport or airbase, not including the personnel.
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Noun1.airdrome - an airfield equipped with control tower and hangars as well as accommodations for passengers and cargoairdrome - an airfield equipped with control tower and hangars as well as accommodations for passengers and cargo
airdock, hangar, repair shed - a large structure at an airport where aircraft can be stored and maintained
airfield, flying field, landing field, field - a place where planes take off and land
air terminal, airport terminal - a terminal that serves air travelers or air freight
control tower - a tower with an elevated workspace enclosed in glass for the visual observation of aircraft around an airport
heliport - an airport for helicopters


[ˈɛərdrəʊm] n (US)aérodrome mair drop airdrop, air-drop [ˈɛərˌdrɒp]
n [supplies] → parachutage m
vt [+ food, supplies] → parachuter
The US air-dropped supplies into Bosnia → Les États-Unis ont parachuté des vivres en Bosnie.
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Project Name: Guangxi guilin airport terminal and airdrome supporting facilities expansion project atc project air traffic control information system procurement projects
Nevertheless, they were brave men, and they started flying their intended missions, namely bombing the submarine pens in Belgium, and then rail centers and airdromes (airfields) used by Gotha bombers that were bombing London.
Having been a young boy in the Spitfire era we often saw the big gates wheeled across the Chester Road so that the Spit-fires could be towed onto the airdrome to be tested.
16) "The return from the airdrome after the first day of the competition, wrote Georges de Lafrete on 9 September, 1909, had been 'terrible.
In September 1944, ZP-14 established its first advanced base at the Cuers-Pierrefeu Airdrome nearToulon, where in 1929 the German dirigible Graf Zeppelin ( LZ 127) put-in for repairs just prior to making the first around-the-world flight.
50, aircraft in Zokniai Airdrome climbed and landed six times: [L.
However, usually such a wide variation in soil conditions will be found that use of such tests for each little stretch of road or airdrome will be found too time-consuming to be practical.
It's the size of the airport, size of airdrome taxi-out and taxi-in that saves us and saves the customer time, and makes the overall journey much shorter.
It went on: "Upon examination of the aircraft's logbook, it was found that the plane had left Upwood airdrome, Huntingdonshire, at 8.
The Hobson Plan established a wing structure that contained a combat group, a maintenance and supply group, an airdrome group, and a medical group.
Used during World War II as a support airdrome for U.
A380 (ICAO category F aircraft) operations imply the compliance of airport airdrome facilities with certain standards.