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A flow of air, especially the motion of air currents around an object such as an airplane as it moves through the air.


(General Physics) the flow of air in a wind tunnel or past a moving aircraft, car, train, etc; airstream



the air flowing past or through a moving body, as an airplane or automobile.
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Noun1.airflow - the flow of airairflow - the flow of air; "she adjusted the fan so that the airflow was directed right at her"
flow, flowing - the motion characteristic of fluids (liquids or gases)


[ˈɛəfləʊ] Ncorriente f de aire, flujo m de aire
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4) In the cooling mode, with the fan off, the high leakage unit averaged nearly 12% leakage of primary airflow while the smallest varied from 1% to 3%.
These energy efficiency measures reduce not only the electrical load, but also the cooling load as well as the supply airflow rate.
1020 is a 500[degrees]F (260[degrees]C) vertical airflow cabinet oven from Grieve, currently used for pass-thru heat processing with a customer's conveyor system.
It is well known that the liquor ratio achieved with the THEN AIRFLOW principals up to date not been beaten.
Engineered to handle the large pressure differentials caused by extreme weather conditions, the new GORE PolyVent High Airflow provides twice the airflow, with the same ingress protection as Gore's prior generation of "HA" (High Airflow) vents.
In the pages of "Practical Engine Airflow: Performance Theory and Applications", Baechtel draws upon his experience and expertise to deftly explain airflow dynamics through an engine in layman's terms so even the most novice of mechanics and car buffs can easily absorb it and apply it.
Karnataka, June 3 -- Corsair(R), a world leader in high-performance PC hardware, today announced the Obsidian Series(R) 750D Airflow Edition full-tower PC case.
lighting or airflow in addition to energy), and may require the modeler to redo all of the steps outlined above (including collection of information if additional data is required).
Creating airflow in life zone will play an important role in convenience [1].
Ceiling fan airflow and efficiency are often overlooked, but the amount of air your fan moves each minute impacts the level of performance.
Using flow designing fluid simulation software Solidworks Flow Simulation flow analysis of symmetrical and asymmetrical profile blades at different airflow velocities was performed.
Adjust the airflow by inserting a screwdriver through the right center slot of the precleaner housing into the adjusting mechanism.