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The structure of an aircraft, such as an airplane, helicopter, or rocket, exclusive of its engine.


(Aeronautics) the body of an aircraft, excluding its engines



the framework and external covering of an airplane, rocket, etc.
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Noun1.airframe - the framework and covering of an airplane or rocket (excluding the engines)airframe - the framework and covering of an airplane or rocket (excluding the engines)
framework - a structure supporting or containing something


[ˈɛəfreɪm] Narmazón m or f (de avión)
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Alcoa, the world s most important supplier of aluminium powder, has stretched out its worldwide aerospace business by purchasing Germany-based TITAL, a manufacturer of titanium and aluminum structural castings for aircraft engines and airframes.
AG-1 is one of six static test airframes constructed for the System Development and Demonstration phase of the F-35 Lightning II program, which is developing and validating all of the aircraft's systems and manufacturing techniques.
AgustaWestland has taken delivery of the first of 70 complete Future Lynx airframes assembled by GKN at its Yeovil, UK facility.
The first racers are being produced by a Florida company, Velocity, which is providing the airframes, and Mojave rocket manufacturer XCOR.
The unit's aggressive test schedule helps keep acquisition programs moving in the right direction, and HX-21 works closely with the Navy program offices and manufacturers of the various airframes to ensure the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard get the best and most refined product possible.
After looking at the technological requirements of airframes and the opportunities castings have to satisfy these requirements, the economic advantages available to cast structures in airframes become important.
When pilots and maintainers want to change airframes, they must attend formal training for each airframe.
California-based Astech's technology uses welded titanium and alloy steel honeycomb panels to produce noise reduction structures for commercial aircraft and to support structures for military airframes.
Its products are used to support structures for high stress military airframes.
What started as a means of relieving pressure on the overburdened airframes has turned into a major transportation endeavor, totaling nearly 700 truck movements.
Bullen and McKenzie tested the airframes of eight microbat species in the Coolgardie Region of WA for flight performance, stability and control, and came up with a novel classification of bat flight manoeuvres.
For a fraction of the cost of the proposed B-1B "enhancements," the current fleet of B-52s could be modified to carry America past the year 2000--to a time when we might more easily afford to acquire more B-2 airframes or examine possible new alter, natives.