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1. A system of transporting freight by air.
2. The amount charged for transporting freight by air.

air′freight′ v.



1. a system of transporting freight by aircraft.
2. the charge for such transportation.
3. to send or ship by air freight.
4. to ship cargo by air freight.
Also, air′-freight` (for defs. 2,3).
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Verb1.airfreight - transport (cargo) by air
freight - transport commercially as cargo
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only key materials and required products will be airfreighted.
There is no evidence that fewer aircraft would fly if less imported fruit and veg were eaten, as at least 60% of airfreighted fresh produce is brought to the UK in the bellyhold of passenger aircraft.
Financing: The speed of airfreighted consignments also works to the importer's benefit in the financing of the goods.
Concerns about flying in goods from Africa have led some retailers to place aircraft stickers on airfreighted goods to inform consumers of the environmental impact of their buying.
Environmental concerns about non-seasonal and airfreighted fruit and veg have been overplayed, the Fresh Produce Consortium has claimed.