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1. A system of transporting freight by air.
2. The amount charged for transporting freight by air.

air′freight′ v.



1. a system of transporting freight by aircraft.
2. the charge for such transportation.
3. to send or ship by air freight.
4. to ship cargo by air freight.
Also, air′-freight` (for defs. 2,3).
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Verb1.airfreight - transport (cargo) by air
freight - transport commercially as cargo
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Airfreighting is a very immediate, visual thing, while carbon labelling will be much more detailed, so the two can't be compared.
Port of the income earned from airfreighting perishable goods to the UK is invested in building local markets, so trade with the UK is on important port of Kenya's development.
The Soil Association has decided against an outright ban on organic food airfreighting, arguing that it would hurt farmers in developing nations.