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Noun1.airplane ticket - a ticket good for a trip on an airplaneairplane ticket - a ticket good for a trip on an airplane
ticket - a commercial document showing that the holder is entitled to something (as to ride on public transportation or to enter a public entertainment)
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The air fare costs include $1,223 for his wife's airplane ticket to a June national health lawyers meeting in Texas.
Only ticketed passengers are listed, and children under the age of 2 don't require an airplane ticket if they are carried by an adult.
More often than not, they are fairly simple: a wheel chair ramp so they can enjoy the park during their last days, a comfortable mattress, an airplane ticket home to spend what little time they have left with loved ones, or gathering family together for a final reunion.
com found that almost half of American adults prefer nabbing a cheap airplane ticket to sex, the New York Post reported.
Pastor Saeed Abedini has complained bitterly that the Obama Administration abandoned him in Germany after his release by Iran and forced him to pay for his own airplane ticket back to the United States.
Last week I decided to come visit Israel, and I simply had to book my airplane ticket.
On social networks like Facebook or Twitter, I make sure I don't share things that could be used against me, but on Whatsapp there were many times when I shared passwords, my airplane ticket number, my debit card number, and other personal information with my family and friends," said Sarah.
He also called for addressing building infringements and curbing any manipulation of airplane ticket prices for trips from Damascus and Qamishli, in addition to monitoring the performance of the state's consumer product retail outlets and ensuring that drinking water is provided.
It appears that the expectations of high-net-worth individuals from across the GCC play a significant part in the travel decision-making process, which has led to the evolution of a tier system when booking anything from a first class airplane ticket to a private island stay.
For those who can't afford the price of an airplane ticket to Heathrow, here's a little bit of England to enjoy on this side of the pond.
Besides a valid passport, two photos and a copy of the round trip airplane ticket are required.