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a. The time at which a radio or television program is broadcast: The host lost her voice just before airtime.
b. Time during a radio or television broadcast: a news program giving more airtime to celebrity gossip.
2. The amount of time during which a cell phone is connected to a network.


1. (Broadcasting) the time allocated to a particular programme, item, topic, or type of material on radio or television
2. (Broadcasting) the time of the start of a radio or television broadcast


or air′ time`,

1. the particular time scheduled for the broadcast of a radio or television program.
2. the time during which a particular broadcast takes place on a given station.
3. the time during which calls are made or received on a mobile phone.
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Clients of Leo now have the luxury of buying prepaid airtime from their cellphone after the company entered into an agreement with the First National Bank (FNB).
Singapore Post (SingPost) and TransferTo, the international airtime transfer company, have launched Singapore's first over-the-counter mobile airtime transfer service.
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If a customer gets stuck in an expensive airtime contract after a retailer stops trading they can sue the airtime provider if they can prove that an agency agreement was in place between the retailer and the airtime provider.