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The name applied to the portions of the Iberian Peninsula under Moorish control between the years 711 and 1492, especially the region corresponding roughly with present-day Andalusia in southern Spain. During the period of Moorish rule, al-Andalus experienced a cultural flowering, contributing significantly to the scientific and artistic development of medieval Europe.
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Other MB-owned companies included Andalusia Real Estate Investments, Andalusia Hotel, Matrouh Company for financial and sports games, Al-Andalus and Hejaz Real Estate Investments company, Andalus and Hegaz company for maintenance and reconstruction work, Andalus and Hegaz for Real Estate and Marketing Services, Al-Andalus and Hegaz Tourism Development Company, Egyptian Qatari Company, Al Tayseer Company, Kimat trading and construction company and Blue Lagoon Hotel.
ARAB NEWS The bake-off for the new Guinness World Records title was unveiled at Al-Andalus Mall in Jeddah.
En torno a lo anterior el tema es largo y sinuoso, sin embargo, en el presente trabajo queremos presentar algunos aspectos relacionados con uno de estos hombres, el Zafadola de las cronicas cristianas, que es el resultado de estas dimensiones que reviste la frontera, pero que, a la vez, es manifestacion de su epoca, un tiempo de convulsiones en la historia de al-Andalus.
Among the topics are belief and unbelief in Shi'i thought, Christian-Muslim relations in the Indian subcontinent, Persian poet Abu l-Qasim Firdawsi (329-411/940-1020) and the Shahnama (Book of Kings), art and architecture in Homs, and al-Andalus poet and man of letters Ibn 'Abd Rabbih (246-328\860-940).
La aparicion en 2001 del libro de Serafin Fanjul Al-Andalus contra Espana marco un hito en la desmitificacion del legado arabe de Espana ya que cuestionaba de manera contundente la existencia de una civilizacion musulmana doblegada por el influjo de una sociedad barbara cristiana, recluida a su vez en el norte peninsular.
19 million, it includes supervision of rehabilitating and developing the infrastructure in Al-Andalus area, a sewerage network totaling 56 kilometers, a 43-kilometer rain water drainage network, street lights and a ground phone network.
Ashraf Taha told SANA that a 35-year-old woman was caught red-handed while she was promoting and selling drugs in al-Andalus neighborhood in Hama city, and that an amount of Captagon tablets were seized in her possession.
Citing the research of historical Nadia Dhafer Shaban, Rifi puts forward the idea that people from Al-Andalus discovered America--al-Andalus being the name for Spain when it was under Muslim rule.
Residents of buildings 7, 11, 13, and Al-Andalus Hotel, which are located in Attaba Square, charged those responsible for issuing the decision of colluding with property owners, who have long sought to sell the buildings' land to take advantage of the rising real estate prices tagged to the area.
Andalus Hotels and Resorts exists to give a glimpse of the majestic Al-Andalus era, a time of harmony and peace between multi-cultural diversity, and also to give back to this generous and warm community of Abu Dhabi I now call home," she added.
This includes underpasses at the intersections of Al-Andalus, Palestine and Al-Hamra roads, King Fahd and Rawdah roads, and Prince Majid and Bani Malik roads.
Riyad Bank announces initial agreement to sell a piece of land owned and located in the city of Jeddah, Al-Andalus district , Al-Madina Road, at approximate value of SAR 202.