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(Spanish ˈalβa)
(Biography) Duke of Alba See Alva


(ˈæl bə; Sp. ˈɑl vɑ)

Duke of, Alva, Fernando Alvarez de Toledo.
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The Albas, who are actors, met in 1978 when they were shooting ``Nunzio'' in New York City.
The Albas often often cooked dinners for large groups of Italian actors - including celebrities such as Al Pacino - at their Los Angeles home.
The Management expresses thanks to Alba Board for appreciating the employees and the Alba Labour Union for their continuous support.
Alba Management has also announced an upgrade to the existing Merit System to include safety in the performance criteria.
The new Contractors Safety Management (CSM) is part of the AlbaSafeWay initiative to achieve zero harm across the organisation, said Alba in a statement
IFTDO awarded Alba the Global Human Resource Development Award 2009 for its paper on "The Smart Centre at Alba.
In addition, Alba was able to sustain its Value-Added (VA) sales for this period with an average of 65% versus 66% in H1 2013.