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also al·cay·de  (ăl-kī′dē)
The commander or governor of a fortress in Spain or Portugal.

[Spanish, from Arabic al-qā'id, the leader : al-, the + qā'id, leader, active participle of qāda, to lead; see qwd in Semitic roots.]


(ælˈkeɪd; Spanish alˈkaɪðe)
(in Spain and Spanish America) n
1. the commander of a fortress or castle
2. the governor of a prison
[C16: from Spanish, from Arabic al-qā'id the captain, commander, from qād to give orders]


or al•cay•de

(ælˈkaɪ di)

n., pl. -des.
(esp. in Spain and Portugal)
1. a commander of a fortress.
2. a jailer; the warden of a prison.
[1495–1505; < Sp < Arabic al-qā'id the leader]
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Don Quixote, observing the respectful bearing of the Alcaide of the fortress (for so innkeeper and inn seemed in his eyes), made answer, "Sir Castellan, for me anything will suffice, for
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Also continuing with their winning streak was Russian powerhouse Ruslan Chinakhov with a satisfying 8-6 victory over David Alcaide, while Ronnie Alcano dug in deep to beat Al Hussaini 8-6 despite trailing the UAE champion 1-5.
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