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[New Latin Alcidae, from Alca, type genus, coined by Carolus Linnaeus from Swedish alka, auk, ultimately from Old Norse ālka, alka.]


(Animals) any of twenty-two species of oceanic birds of the family Alcidae
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Alcids have a unique suite of microscopic characters that separates them from all other families within Charadriiformes (Dove 2000).
Locally, we lose terns, gannets, sea ducks, loons and various species of alcids - small, penguin-like species of northern waters that include puffins, murres and razorbills.
A total of 17 different groups of seabirds were taken into account, including: loons, grebes, fulmars and petrels, shearwaters, pelicans, cormorants, shorebirds, gulls and kittawakes, terns, skimmers, and alcids.
Among most of the extant alcids, the chick joins its parents at sea before it fledges, and this is the grouping most commonly encountered for some months after the breeding colonies have been abandoned.
The book is organized by bird family: you'll find separate sections for tubenoses (albatrosses, fulmars, shearwaters, petrels), pelican-like birds, gull-like birds, phalaropes, and alcids.
Based on these results, parakeet auklets and other alcids should not be housed, or at least fed, on a loose stone substrate.
Thursday - Birdwatch: Midweek "Hunt" for Alcids and Seadbirds by BBC.
Penguins have lost the power of aerial flight, but modern alcids -- less profoundly modified -- can fly both in air and in water.
Among species of shorebirds, gulls, and alcids with different types of mating systems, for example, sexual dimorphism in body size is greater in socially polygynous species than in less polygynous species (Szekely et al.
Only the few intrepid fishermen and very serious pelagic bird watchers, who charter a boat to see alcids (our northern hemisphere's version of penguins), like puffins, dovekies, murres, and razorbills, risk going into the brutal winter sea.
After I began the second, at-sea phase of my research life, my love switched from alcids to the true birds of the deep ocean--the tubenoses.