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Adj.1.alcohol-dependent - addicted to alcoholalcohol-dependent - addicted to alcohol; "alcoholic expatriates in Paris"- Carl Van Doren
addicted - compulsively or physiologically dependent on something habit-forming; "she is addicted to chocolate"; "addicted to cocaine"
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Queensland Parliament has just passed legislation to not only re-establish the program, but also expand it to also include alcohol-dependent offenders.
Scientists at The Scripps Research Institute have found an important difference in alcohol-dependent brains compared to nondependent brains, in a recent study using mouse models.
I have seen a few alcohol-dependent people cut down successfully, at least for a while, sometimes with medicine.
Hence the following principles are suggested in the management of alcohol dependent individuals: (i) suicidal threats or communication by alcohol-dependent individuals in emergency and other contacts should be viewed seriously.
In the current study, Professor Johnson and his colleagues extended their prior work by analyzing variants of serotonin receptor genes, collectively designated as HTR3, among nearly 300 alcohol-dependent individuals who were participating in a clinical trial of ondansetron.
Seperated from wife Dawn (Vicky McClure), alcohol-dependent soldier Joe Smith (Statham) is AWOL and living rough in London's seedy Soho.
What I have witnessed here in the past two years has been rather miraculous - young people who have lived on the streets or been in prison or been substance or alcohol-dependent - flourishing in front of my eyes, due to the skill, care and perseverance of the tutors.
Such changes may alter an alcohol-dependent person's response to stress, particularly with respect to stress and emotion regulation and motivation for alcohol, which in turn may increase the risk of relapse (Sinha 2001, 2005).
A random group serving in the military in 2003 aged 38 on average, found 37% drinking at a hazardous level and 6% alcohol-dependent.
Sex-Specific Dissociations in Autonomic and HPA Responses to Stress and Cues in Alcohol-Dependent Patients with Cocaine Abuse," by Helen C.
Neuroimaging studies have shown that after alcohol detoxification treatment, alcohol-dependent patients have a low striatal dopamine D2 receptor (DRD2) binding for raclopride, a persistently lower striatal metabolism, and glucose metabolism abnormalities in the frontal cortex.

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