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 (ăl′kə-hô-lŏm′ĭ-tər) also al·co·hol·me·ter (ăl′kə-hôl-mē′tər, -hŏl-)
An instrument, such as a hydrometer, used to determine the amount of alcohol in a liquid.

al′co·hol·om′e·try n.


(Brewing) an instrument, such as a specially calibrated hydrometer, for determining the percentage of alcohol in a liquid. See also oenometer
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Invitation to tender: Supply of digital alcoholmeter
Sources added traffic inspector Kaushik was not carrying the challan book or the alcoholmeter.
The alcohol percentage of the fermentative solution is measured using an alcoholmeter which uses distillation method.
In a new program called Operation Alcoholmeter, police in the capital conduct random breath tests on motorists on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.
As a consequence, the use of such alcoholmeters increases the risk of road accidents," said the French government, which has suspended the sale of models whose brands include Automan, Alcosafe, Alcooguide, Seju Engeenering Safe Mate; Digital clip sonic, CA 2000, Alcotest, ABT, Ethylo, Testalco, Homme Moderne and Trooper.