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 (ä-lûr′sĕ, -sā)
1. A large, long-lived coniferous evergreen tree (Fitzroya cupressoides) native to the temperate rainforests of southern Chile and neighboring parts of Argentina.
2. The reddish-brown wood of this tree.

[American Spanish, from Spanish, larch, from Arabic al-'arz, the cedar (influenced in meaning by Latin larix) : al-, the + 'arz, cedar; see ʔrz in Semitic roots.]


(əˈlɜːs; æˈlɜːsɪ)
1. (Forestry) the wood of the sandarac tree
2. (Plants) a cupressus-like Chilean pine, Fitzroya cupressoides, cut for timber
[Spanish: larch, from Latin larix, influenced by Arabic al-arz]
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The green-tufted alerces to which Lara headed rose straight above the surrounding canopy.
Despite a nearly thirty-year-old decree meant to conserve the alerce trees, alerces are still being cut, sometimes in large quantities, and often with explicit government permission.
Before the cutting of live trees was banned in 1976, the alerces (often called the redwoods of the Andes, although they are actually cypresses) had been logged relentlessly to supply the wood for the shingles used in the region's vernacular architecture.
Contract awarded for Support Program Management Aps 2015 - Roof Deck Seal Cecof Alerces - Supply And Installation Of Lenera Curinanco Post.
Starting in Gaiman, regarded as the most eminently Welsh of the area's settlements, he will visit Los Alerces National Park in the foothills of the Andes, Nant y Fall waterfalls, and a Welsh tea house called Tye Nain at nearby Trevelin.
The most impressive of the old trees, some of the alerces are as many as three thousand years old.
They seem knowledgeable about the park's ecosystems--the evergreen forests full of tepa, coigute, arrayan, and olivillos--and the importance of the alerce, which has been declared a national monument species, as well as the high-altitude groves of nirre and lenga.
In the southern Argentine province of Chubut inside the Patagonia Mountain forest, the 263,000-hectare Los Alerces National Park (ANP) represents one of the largest protected areas in the southern temperate forest.
The Los Alerces National Park, 32 kilometers from the proposed mine, is home to the alerce tree, a relative of California's giant sequoias.
A longer excursion visits Los Alerces and Cerro Tronador.
Indeed, within the preserve's boundary lie most of the remaining alerces on Earth, some of which have reached the grand age of 3,000 years.