alfalfa sprout

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Noun1.alfalfa sprout - sprouted alfalfa seedsalfalfa sprout - sprouted alfalfa seeds    
sprout - a newly grown bud (especially from a germinating seed)
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The researchers worked with volunteers who were given varying oral doses of either broccoli or alfalfa sprout preparations for three days.
Being both a footballer (he does that sometimes too) and a dad, Becks knows most kids prefer a fish finger sarnie to an alfalfa sprout salad and has invested in G[O.
Scientists don't yet fully understand how the malevolent microbes form colonies that cling stubbornly to and spread across plant surfaces, such as the bumpy leaves of a cabbage or the ultra-fine root hairs of a tender alfalfa sprout.
When controls were asked about alfalfa sprout consumption for the same 7-day interval as ill persons, a similar association was observed (4 [8%] of 53 controls; MOR 25; 95% CI 4-528).
coli-contaminated alfalfa sprouts served at Colorado Jimmy John's stores, and in 2009 many of the 272 people sickened during a nationwide Salmonella outbreak traced to alfalfa sprout seeds sold by Caudill Seed became ill after eating contaminated sprouts on Jimmy John's sandwiches.
To reach the conclusion, the research team worked with 65 volunteers who were given varying oral doses of either broccoli or alfalfa sprout preparations for three days.
After all, six ounces of corned beef or pastrami and a couple of ounces of cheese and salty sauerkraut, all topped with Russian or Thousand Island dressing, doesn't sound like alfalfa sprout on whole wheat.
A SMALL WHITE TAG ON the side of alfalfa sprout containers sold at Trader Joe's is enough to give pause to any health-minded shopper:
These include the Harmony Farms alfalfa sprout outbreak, the Brook-Lea Country Club outbreak, the Kunick cantaloupe outbreak, an outbreak at a Western Sizzlin' restaurant in North Carolina, the Shipley Sales cantaloupe outbreak, Black Forest Bakery outbreak, Malt-O-Meal cereal outbreak, Sun Orchard orange juice outbreak, and Linh's Bakery outbreak.
Medical detective work led the Oregon and Canadian investigators to a single alfalfa sprout grower in Portland as the distributor of the suspect sprouts.
Mbandaka was isolated from 11 of 12 alfalfa sprout samples, and one of two lot L seed samples obtained from the sprouter X facility.
But it's impossible to check every burger or alfalfa sprout.