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A substance used to kill or inhibit the growth of algae.

al′gi·cid′al (-sīd′l) adj.


(Biology) any substance that kills algae


(ˈæl dʒəˌsaɪd)

a substance or preparation for killing algae.
al`gi•cid′al, adj.


[ˈældʒɪsaɪd] Nalgicida m
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Additives offered: Algicides, fungicides, bactericides, mildewcides, biocides, antimicrobials
Supply of products based on chlorine, acids and algicides.
Marine bacteria consider as source of natural algicides which can play an important role by controlling the HABs.
Management of eutrophication is a complex issue and may include artificial mixing and oxygenation, sediment removal, sediment aeration, covering of sediment, phosphorus inactivation, use of algicides, light reduction, macrophyte control, and ecoremediation (Svircev et al.
Pond enclosure evaluations of microbial products and chemical algicides used in lake management.
Sources of Cu include algicides, petroleum refining, pyrotechnics, wood preservatives, wires and electroplating [22].
4]) is one of the most widely used algicides for phytoplankton control in fish ponds, reservoirs and lakes, due to leaching and runoff water from treated areas, it contaminates aquatic habitats (Gioda et al.
MPP recently started using a new formulation method for algicides in the paint segment.
was carrying large, heavy totes of cupric sulfate, a corrosive liquid that is used in copper-plating, wet-cell batteries, insecticides, fungicides and algicides, said Edmund Coletta, spokesman for the state Department of Environmental Protection.
With waxes to waterproof, algicides to stop the growth of green algae and UV filters to prevent colour fade, this is the ultimate treatment for fences.
These are commonly used in small or private water systems or as algicides in microirrigation systems.
Number of different algicides, herbicides, pesticides, and