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 (āl′yə-nĭj, ā′lē-ə-)
The official status of an alien. Also called alienism.


(ˈeɪl yə nɪdʒ, ˈeɪ li ə-)

also alienism

1. the state of being an alien.
2. the legal status of an alien.


the condition of being an alien.
See also: Foreigners
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Noun1.alienage - the quality of being alienalienage - the quality of being alien    
foreignness, curiousness, strangeness - the quality of being alien or not native; "the strangeness of a foreigner"
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The plaintiff essentially argued that this was a pure alienage suit; the Ninth Circuit, however, ruled that it "arose under" federal law because of the incorporation of customary international law into federal common law.
In the course of the war, the courts eviscerated the option supposedly available to dual nationals to declare alienage and thereby become ineligible for British military service.
42) This standard of review seems to give an agent the ability to use race or alienage as a factor when making his or her determination, despite Fourth Amendment restrictions that these cannot be the only factors.
202, 225-30 (1982) (holding that it is unconstitutional to deny undocumented children a free public education and noting that it is the federal government's role to create alienage classifications and "take into account the character of the relationship between the alien and this country"); Mathews v.
O]nce an immigrant is admitted and takes up permanent residence in the United States, discrimination on the basis of alienage alone begins to appear arbitrary" (p.
Even some 'status' may be a permissible ground for denial of rights if it is relevant, for example being underage, mentally incompetent, and, for some specified purposes, alienage.
A shared interest in prosperity has not been enough to render benign alienage and the political erasures of borders.
Under these principles, if the search in question occurs in United States territory, the Fourth Amendment applies despite alienage status.
44) The Court, however, went on to make the further claim that the First Congress was also responding to these incidents when it "created alienage jurisdiction .
In order to obtain the votes needed to pass the Judiciary Act, Ellsworth agreed to a $500 amount-in-controversy minimum to the federal courts' alienage jurisdiction over suits by British creditors.
19) Figure 2 below illustrates the alienage of adult noncitizens by race for each division.