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v. a·ligned, a·lign·ing, a·ligns
1. To arrange in a line or so as to be parallel: align the tops of a row of pictures; aligned the car with the curb.
2. To adjust (parts of a mechanism, for example) to produce a proper relationship or orientation: aligning the wheels of a truck.
3. To ally (oneself, for example) with one side of an argument or cause: aligned themselves with the free traders.
1. To adhere to a prescribed course of action.
2. To move or be adjusted into proper relationship or orientation.

[French aligner, from Old French : a-, to (from Latin ad-; see ad-) + ligne, line (from Latin līnea; see line1).]

a·lign′er n.


an official who ensures boats are aligned correctly before the start of a race
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Rolf Wolf, general manager for SUSS MicroTec's lithography division said: "The unique 3D technology enhancement for the MA300 mask aligner provides our customers with best-in-class equipment performance that enables them to meet the increasing challenges for 3D interconnect applications.
The Imprio 1100 Precision Imprint Lithography System represents the next generation in fully automated nano-imprint lithography combining the resolution and CD control of e-beam lithography with the throughput, overlay and operating simplicity of a mask aligner.
22, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- A new survey, conducted by Kelton and sponsored by the makers of the Invisalign clear aligner system, reveals that after putting personal needs aside in 2014, women are ready for a change.
The substrates being handled range in size from 10 mm x 10 mm pieces to 3 inch wafers; as part of a long term investment strategy we would like the new mask aligner to be able to handle wafers as large as 6 inch diameter to allow for increases in substrate dimensions in the future.
Effective immediately, OrthoClear will stop accepting new patient cases for treatment; -- OrthoClear will consent to the entry of an exclusion order by the United States International Trade Commission (ITC), enforced by the United States Customs Service, which prevents OrthoClear from importing its dental aligner products into the U.
Epson"), world leader in printing and imaging products, has purchased an MA200Compact Mask Aligner from SUSS MicroTec (FWB:SMH)(GER:SMH), the leading supplier of precision manufacturing and test systems, to support their Wafer Level Chip Scale Packaging (W-CSP) production.
Lot 1 comprises glove box including all necessary connections for the integration of Maskaligners from Los 2 Lot 2 comprises the mask aligner for the integration and operation of prizes available in Lot 1 glove box.
With Invisalign Teen, if a youth does lose an aligner, the parents receive up to six replacements for free throughout the course of treatment.
CEREC Omnicam and new CEREC Ortho Software can be used to submit digital impressions for Invisalign clear aligner therapy.
com)-- Eon Aligner, a wholly owned subsidiary of EON holdings, today announced the opening of three new manufacturing facilities by the end of Q2 2015 to cater to growing international demand.