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A durable synthetic resin derived from polyalcohol and phthalic anhydride, often used for coatings and adhesives. Also called alkyd resin.


containing an alkyd resin


(ˈæl kɪd)

any of a group of resins derived from dicarboxylic acids: used in adhesives and paints.
[1925–30; alky (l) + (aci) d]
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Noun1.alkyd - a durable synthetic resin widely used in adhesives and paints
synthetic resin - a resin having a polymeric structure; especially a resin in the raw state; used chiefly in plastics
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To determine the film properties of resins, first, solutions of all alkyd resins in xylene (60 wt%), which contained 2 wt% Pb (lead naphthenate) and 0.
Pentaerythritol is majorly used for manufacturing alkyd paints which has been a key contributor to its market growth in recent times and owing to the growing infrastructure market mainly in Asia Pacific, this trend is expected to continue over the forecast period.
This study provides a comprehensive view of the pentaerythritol industry, including segmentation, key applications such as alkyd paints, alkyd inks, alkyd adhesives/sealants, plasticizers, alkyd varnishes, radiation cure coatings, lubricants and others.
Looking closely at data obtained from the laboratory test in comparison with natural weathering revealed that the highest deviations were related to alkyd samples that were tested after 48 hours of air drying in the laboratory and to Coating 14 (polyurethane, water-based) samples that performed very well during the first 2 years, after which surface erosion of the coating caused a significant increase both in leaching and water-uptake results.
In particular, air-drying solventborne alkyd paints need to meet increasingly stringent emission limits and often must be reformulated with suitable exempt solvents or reactive diluents to achieve volatile organic compound (VOC) reduction.
Yuen Liang successfully integrates petroleum resin with other polymeric materials, such as alkyd, epoxy, varnish, mineral oil, etc.
Melnyk and Hayes formed an alkyd resin by reacting waste cooking oil with polycarboxylic acids and polyols.
One of the largest manufacturers of alkyd and acrylic resins in Brazil has been acquired by Allnex.
Most aging steel bridges are covered with one of two types of coating systems: (1) a two-coat system with an alkyd primer and topcoat (both coats could contain lead or just the prime coat) and (2) a two-coat system with an inorganic zinc (IOZ)-rich primer and a vinyl topcoat.
This silicone resin modified alkyd comes in black and aluminum, which is reinforced with 325 mesh, extra-fine aluminum flakes.
The change was made to meet new Environmental Protection Agency requirements that limit the amount of alkyd paint being produced.
Part of an ongoing series of narrative work begun in 1998, the four small, intricate panel paintings (all 2001) in her second solo show, "Enciphered: Snow White," reflect theatrical tableaux based on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, In diluted black alkyd on stark white gesso grounds, Takahashi references historic Japanese ink scroll painting as well as contemporary manga imagery.