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Noun1.alkyl group - any of a series of univalent groups of the general formula CnH2n+1 derived from aliphatic hydrocarbons
chemical group, radical, group - (chemistry) two or more atoms bound together as a single unit and forming part of a molecule
ethyl, ethyl group, ethyl radical - the univalent hydrocarbon radical C2H5 derived from ethane by the removal of one hydrogen atom
methyl, methyl group, methyl radical - the univalent radical CH3- derived from methane
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2], where R represents an alkyl group having from 1 to 30 carbon atoms, a cycloalkyl group having from 3 to 30 carbon atoms, or an aryl group.
Applications of viologens [1] cannot be limited to its short alkyl group substituents.
BASF has obtained a patent for a n aqueous coating formulation comprised of a substituted, branched polyethyleneimine, which is obtained by a process comprised of reacting a branched polyethyleneimine having a weight-average molecular weight of from 500 to 10,000 g/mol with a carboxylic acid derivative of formula (I) R--(C=0)X (I), wherein R is a C5 to C18 alkyl group or a C5 to C18 alkenyl group, X is a halogen, a hydroxyl group, or a group R--(C=0)--O--, a molar amount of the carboxylic acid derivative in the reacting is from 3 to 10 mol percent of a molar amount of ethyleneimine employed in preparing the branched polyethyleneimine, the reacting is comprised of formation and removal of a byproduct HX, and the formulation is configured to coat a substrate that is comprised of tannin.
This means that one or more of the alkoxy groups has been replaced with a metallic species, and that the alkyl group is a methyl group.
The solid plasticizer comprises at least two different benzotriazole derivatives selected from compounds represented by following formula: R1 is one of a hydrogen atom, a halogen atom and an alkyl group; m is an integer of one to four; and X is one of a hydrogen atom, an alkyl group, an aryl group, an aralkyl group and a group represented by following formula: R2 is one of a hydrogen atom, a halogen atom, an alkyl group and hydroxyl group and n is an integer of one to five.
Table 1 GC Analyses of Reductions of Alkylcyclohexanones: % cis Alcohol Formed Alkyl Group Methanol 95%Ethanol Isopropyl alcohol t-Butyl alcohol 2-Methyl 49.
they can designate an alkyl group to retrieve all the specific possibilities such as methyl, ethyl, propyl, i-propyl, n-butyl etc.
4-2a-b-c-d-e)/2]; and an alky' triethoxysilane having an alkyl group with from 7 to 20 carbon atoms.
It is comprised of a structuring agent consisting of a low molecular mass N-acyl glutamic acid diamide having a straight-chain alkyl group comprising dibutyl lauroyl glutamide, a low molecular mass N-acyl glutamic acid diamide having a branched-chain alkyl group comprising dibutyl ethylhexanoyl glutamide, and at least one polyorganosiloxane polymer comprising a nylon-611/dimethicone copolymer.
It doubles for the composites using C3-3-CNT, and increases sharply with the extension of the grafted alkyl group carbon chain length.
Nitto Denko Corporation has been granted a patent for a water-dispersed pressure-sensitive adhesive composition comprised of a (meth)acrylic polymer, a latex containing a rubber component, and a tackifier: the (meth)acrylic polymer is obtained by polymerizing a monomer composition comprised of as a primary component an alkyl (meth) acrylate having an alkyl group with 1 to 18 carbon atoms; the rubber component is immiscible with the (meth)acrylic polymer and has a loss tangent peak temperature of--5[degrees] C or below when determined by a dynamic viscoelastic measurement in which shear strain is applied at a frequency of 1 Hz; and the tackifier is miscible with the rubber component, but immiscible with the (meth) acrylic polymer.