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Adj.1.all-knowing - infinitely wiseall-knowing - infinitely wise      
wise - having or prompted by wisdom or discernment; "a wise leader"; "a wise and perceptive comment"
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Yes, Nicolai Andreevitch--that was his name," and the young fellow looked earnestly and with curiosity at the all-knowing gentleman with the red nose.
You're finding your feet, you're desperate to be taken seriously, you think you are independent and all-knowing.
Whether it's Sandy and Sandra's cutting asides (left), Steph and Dom having a booze up or the all-knowing wisdom of the Siddiqui family, we all have our favourite Gogglebox people.
Welcome to Goozle Earth[R], a dystopia where the all-knowing and all-powerful force of Big Data rules humanity through the Internet of Things and the corporate power of Goozle Inc.
But if all-knowing, allseeing Sepp, the man who can do no wrong, says that the geezer upstairs is wrong, just who are we to argue?
The UN presupposes an all-knowing ruling class that has unique knowledge of both the present and the future," Battig states.
All-Knowing and All-wise: This is evidenced by the extra-ordinarily marvelous diversity of life and all that exists on the earth and in the heavens.
AT some point in this week's nonsense (Celebrity Big Brother, Channel 5, all week), the all-knowing, all-wise Nadia Sawalha told a fellow inmate: "It's a bloody game
That day they will not be able to use their dirty tactics, as Allah is All-Knowing and does not forgive the violation of the rights of His creations.
For them, his image remains snugly aligned with that of Cliff Huxtable, the gentle, all-knowing husband and father he played on "The Cosby Show'' as a champion of family values who, 20 years earlier, broke TV's color barrier with his 1960s series "I Spy.
It's not Dan and Anthony being all-knowing in this, but it's a good roadmap," Berger said.
The notion that an all-seeing, all-knowing Whitehall can somehow better respond to the needs and opportunities of our great cities than the people who live and work in them is bunkum.

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