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all night·er

or all-night·er (ôl′nī′tər)
n. Informal
A project or event lasting all through the night, especially an intense bout of study or work: pulled an all nighter to finish the assignment on time.


an entertainment, such as a pop concert or film screening, that lasts all night


n. Informal.
something lasting or open all night, as an all-night game or all-night supermarket.
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Ex-wild child Vicky Pattison tells me she enjoys quiet Sunday roasts with her fiance - after ditching all-nighters and "slut-dropping".
It couldn't last, though, and once the authorities cottoned on the all-nighters were no more.
REVV coffee is for all the early risers, all-nighters, daily grinders, and everyone who lives for strong coffee," said Scott Moffitt, chief brand and beverage officer at Keurig, Waterbury, Vermont.
He said: "I am just completely overwhelmed at the moment after having two unintended all-nighters, it has been a blessing, to be honest.
He said: "I am just completely overwhelmed after having two unintended all-nighters, it has been a blessing to be honest.
These all-nighters, often hosted in and around Digbeth, were to change the face of clubbing in Birmingham, quickly growing to a level where thousands would dance together at nights like Better Way at the Institute and Hipnoziz at The Hummingbird.
I definitely pulled some middle-schooler all-nighters reading Beverly Cleary under the covers--and in the closet.
Jason Phares and "Texas" Dan Sharp dreamed of California their whole lives, and once there they sucked up every bit of the skateboard experience: pool missions, hill bombs, all-nighters, purposefully-misspelled tattoos--these guys weren't thinking about it, they were living it.
Back in the day, my birthdays were about extravagance, all-nighters and lashings of sambuca.
Many high school students believe that pulling all-nighters to cram for final exams is necessary and expected.
At home, Kanye is said to have begun pulling all-nighters and constantly going on lengthy rants about various unspecified topics.
You went through thesis writing, all-nighters, exams, and graveyard shifts with a bottle of Kopiko 78C in your hand.