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Variant of all-around.


1. efficient in all respects, esp in sport; versatile: an all-round player.
2. comprehensive; many-sided; not narrow: an all-round education.


or all-round

1. able to do many things; versatile: an all-around athlete.
2. broadly applicable: an all-around education.
3. being so in all matters: an all-around failure.
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Adj.1.all-round - many-sidedall-round - many-sided; "an all-around athlete"; "a well-rounded curriculum"
comprehensive - including all or everything; "comprehensive coverage"; "a comprehensive history of the revolution"; "a comprehensive survey"; "a comprehensive education"




[ˈɔːlˈraʊnd] ADJ [success etc] → completo; [improvement] → general, en todos los aspectos; [view] → amplio; [person] → completo, con capacidad para todo


[ˈɔːlˈraʊnd] adj (athlete) → completo/a, versatile; (education) → ampio/a, completo/a


(oːl) adjective, pronoun
1. the whole (of). He ate all the cake; He has spent all of his money.
2. every one (of a group) when taken together. They were all present; All men are equal.
1. entirely. all alone; dressed all in white.
2. (with the) much; even. Your low pay is all the more reason to find a new job; I feel all the better for a shower.
ˌall-ˈclear noun
(usually with the) a signal or formal statement that a time of danger etc is over. They sounded the all-clear after the air-raid.
ˈall-out adjective
using the greatest effort possible. an all-out attempt.
ˈall-round adjective
1. including or applying to every part, person, thing etc. an all-round pay rise.
2. good at all parts of a subject etc. an all-round sportsman.
ˌall-ˈrounder noun
a person who is good at many kinds of work, sport etc.
all-terrain vehicle (ˌoːl təˈrein ˈviːəkl) noun
(also ATV) a small vehicle, looking like a small tractor, that can travel fast on rough ground.
all along
the whole time (that something was happening). I knew the answer all along.
all at once
1. all at the same time. Don't eat those cakes all at once!
2. suddenly. All at once the light went out.
all in
with everything included. Is that the price all in?
all in all
considering everything. We haven't done badly, all in all.
all over
1. over the whole of (a person, thing etc). My car is dirty all over.
2. finished. The excitement's all over now.
3. everywhere. We've been looking all over for you!
all right
1. unhurt; not ill or in difficulties etc. You look ill. Are you all right?
2. an expression of agreement to do something. `Will you come?' `Oh, all right.'
in all
in total, when everything is added up. I spent three hours in all waiting for buses last week.

Write all right (not alright).


(raund) adjective
1. shaped like a circle or globe. a round hole; a round stone; This plate isn't quite round.
2. rather fat; plump. a round face.
1. in the opposite direction. He turned round.
2. in a circle. They all stood round and listened; A wheel goes round; All (the) year round.
3. from one person to another. They passed the letter round; The news went round.
4. from place to place. We drove round for a while.
5. in circumference. The tree measured two metres round.
6. to a particular place, usually a person's home. Are you coming round (to our house) tonight?
1. on all sides of. There was a wall round the garden; He looked round the room.
2. passing all sides of (and returning to the starting-place). They ran round the tree.
3. changing direction at. He came round the corner.
4. in or to all parts of. The news spread all round the town.
1. a complete circuit. a round of drinks (= one for everyone present); a round of golf.
2. a regular journey one takes to do one's work. a postman's round.
3. a burst of cheering, shooting etc. They gave him a round of applause; The soldier fired several rounds.
4. a single bullet, shell etc. five hundred rounds of ammunition.
5. a stage in a competition etc. The winners of the first round will go through to the next.
6. a type of song sung by several singers singing the same tune starting in succession.
to go round. The car rounded the corner.
ˈrounded adjective
curved; like part of the line forming a circle. a rounded arch.
ˈroundly adverb
plainly; rudely. He rebuked her roundly.
ˈroundness noun
rounds noun plural
a doctor's visits to his patients. The doctor is (out) on his rounds.
ˈall-round adjective
complete. It was an all-round success.
ˌall-ˈrounder noun
a person who has a talent for several different kinds of work, sport etc, or who can play in any position in a game.
ˈroundabout noun
1. a revolving machine on which one can ride for pleasure; a merry-go-round.
2. a circular piece of ground where several roads meet, and round which traffic must travel.
not direct. a roundabout route.
round figures/numbers
the nearest convenient or easily remembered numbers. Tell me the cost in round figures (ie $20 rather than $19.87).
ˌround-ˈshouldered adjective
with stooping shoulders.
round trip
1. (American) a journey to a place and back again (round-trip ticket a ticket for such a journey).
2. a trip to several places and back, taking a circular route.
all round
surrounding. There were people all round him.
round about
1. surrounding. She sat with her children round about her.
2. near. There are not many houses round about.
3. approximately. There must have been round about a thousand people there.
round off
1. to make something smooth etc. He rounded off the sharp corners with a file.
2. to complete successfully. He rounded off his career by becoming president.
round on
to turn to face (a person) suddenly, especially angrily.
round up to collect together: The farmer rounded up the sheep ( ˈround-up) noun
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Stephen Hamafyelto, believed it would go a long way in engaging the nation's youths to better focus on their all-round development.
plastic seal / separating layer substrate: cold roof chair (wooden formwork), attic: eaves board, fall protection: securants as a load system, plumbing works: all-round attic stucco approx.
India's spinners bowled tight lines and the fielding too was top-class with two direct-hit run outs in what completed a fine all-round effort that the Pakistan team would have observed keenly ahead of their second semifinal at the Hagley Oval in Christchurch on January 30.
Leading the charge for Russia was Maria Pobedushkina as she led a clean sweep in the 2002 A FIG All-Round category with countrywomen Elizaveta Perenosova and Yuliana Korotaeva in second and third respectively.
Summary: Dhaka [Bangladesh], August 27 (ANI): Shakib al Hasan came out with an all-round as Bangladesh tightened the screws on Australia on the very first day of the opening Test of the two-match series at the Shere Bangla National Stadium, here on Sunday.
MOEEN ALI hailed the best all-round game of his career after taking his first 10 wicket-haul at the home of cricket.
However, she is not lacking all-round pace and has the ideal draw in trap six in the first semi.
ERDINGTON Court opened the outdoor season with a good all-round performance to defeat visitors Solihull Municipal 100-64.
With a total capacity of 1,933 MVA, the substations will enable power delivery to up to 25,000 homes as well as different industries in the southern region, supporting the goals of the Saudi Vision 2030 to deliver reliable and efficient power to foster all-round economic growth.
Cricketers Seekkuge Prasanna and Asela Gunaratne were promoted by the Army Commander following their all-round performances in Australia.
And ahead of the UK Championship, which starts this afternoon, Higgins said: "I've got a good all-round game and that's what keeps you near the top of the sport as long as you want really.
The athlete was also due to compete in the qualification of the men's parallel bars, individual all-round, team all-round, floor exercise, rings and pommel horse.

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