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 (ăl′ĭ-gô-rīz′, -gə-)
v. al·le·go·rized, al·le·go·riz·ing, al·le·go·riz·es
1. To express as or in the form of an allegory: a story of barnyard animals that allegorizes the fate of Soviet socialism.
2. To interpret allegorically: allegorize the quest for the Holy Grail as an inner spiritual search.
To use or make allegory: sculptors who rendered the moral world by allegorizing.

al′le·go′ri·za′tion (-gôr′ĭ-zā′shən, -gŏr′-) n.
al′le·go·riz′er n.
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Part 3, "The Scholar and Man of Letters," includes letters describing Petrarch's hunt for ancient manuscripts, his receipt of the laurel crown in Naples, his frustration at not being able to read Homer in Greek, his defense of Dante, his relationship with Boccaccio, and his allegorization of the Aeneid.
9) Sage mentions El laurel as an example of Calderon's rigorous allegorization of humanist theory (223), by which he means the notion that different musical modes produce different effects on human temperament and ethics.
The allegorization of the father as a figure for dynastic sovereignty operated within the cultural framework of feudal, aristocratic societies, in which wealth and influence were invested in the patriarch and inherited down the male line.
That is, it is not of Asian origin, nor is it merely "thematically conducive to Buddhist allegorization.
Central to this study's contribution to an understanding of Toibin, but also to the wide-ranging work that has been done on gender and sexuality in Ireland over the past thirty years, is its claim that the frequently traumatic/traumatizing intra-familial and social silences that Toibin habitually scrutinizes are those imposed by the political allegorization of the family through the "overriding social and political constructions for individual members of society such as a mother, a son, or a gay man" (21).
In the House of Busirane as in Aylmer's laboratory, in Spenser as in Hawthorne, the female body resists allegorization and is re-inscribed in the text in physical terms, against forces that would ostensibly de-incarnate it, but which end up torturing it.
5), while in biting his lip Coridon imitates the allegorization of "gnawing Gealosy" outside the gates of Pluto and the Cave of Mammon (II.
Dreams (IV and IX): Share visions of "disorder" (flies and dragon in IV; moon's crash in IX) that invite political allegorization and stimulate Han's assertion he would help his ruler (IV.
In the Christian allegorization of the myth, the soul suffers and dies only to be reborn.
These literary strategies for speaking in code include theatricality and excess, depictions of "unruly affect" (35), classical allusion, and the use of race as an allegorization of same-sex desire, particularly in Poe's Pym and Melville's Redburn.
The process is one of contextualization, not allegorization, and one that proved to be the dominant tradition in later criticism as well, which preferred to read a poet's works as literal records of actual experience, from which a biography could be constructed.
11) A sixteenth piece, a short, unimaginative prose allegorization of the word Jerusalem that is the final entry in the manuscript, appears in a different hand from that of the rest of the codex; no one assigns this piece to Hilarius.