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[Middle English, from Medieval Latin, from Late Greek allelouia, from Hebrew halləlû-yāh, praise Yahweh; see hallelujah.]




(Ecclesiastical Terms) praise the Lord! Used more commonly in liturgical contexts in place of hallelujah
(Ecclesiastical Terms) a song of praise to God
[C14: via Medieval Latin from Hebrew hallelūyāh]


(ˌæl əˈlu yə)

interj., n., pl. -ias. interj. n.
2. a song of praise to God.
[1175–1225; Middle English < Late Latin < Greek allēlouíā < Hebrew halălūyāh praise ye Yahweh]


[ˌælɪˈluːjə] Naleluya f


[ˌæləˈluːjə] exclalléluia mall-embracing [ˌɔːlɪmˈbreɪsɪŋ] adj (= all-encompassing) → universel(le)


n(H)alleluja nt
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Gwawr has just released her second CD Alleluia, featuring classics like O Mio Babbino Caro and Moon River, alongside Welsh language medleys, and a special tribute written by Gwawr to celebrate the birth of Nel.
Just months after giving birth to a baby daughter, she has released her second album, Alleluia, which contains her self-penned Welsh-language track Nel, a celebration of her little girl.
Mhairi - who started her career at Newcastle University - is with Newcastle Bach Choir at the Sage in March, revelling in Mozart's Alleluia - it'll be stunning
Wonderful use of falling phrases resolved in hair-raising fortissimos until the final controlled downward steps steeped in drama, fine control and a heart-stopping hushed Alleluia.
IT SEEMS a long time ago now and makes me wonder where all the years have gone, but back in 2000 I remember writing that the three-year-old Alleluia was one of the worst prices in history for the Doncaster Cup at around the 8-1 mark, given that she was coming into the race having narrowly won a Thirsk maiden off an official rating of 83.
A chorus of Handel's Alleluia rang out in front of the palace as thousands celebrated the end of Berlusconi's reign.
This is particularly evident in her chapter on the sequences for the Alleluia.
Bydd y caneuon gan Mozart yn cynnwys Alleluia o Exsultate, jubilate ac arieu o Don Giovanni, Priodas Figaro a'r Ffliwt Hud.
The still glamorous Lesley, who would be many men's choice for the top of their Christmas tree, opened with the haunting Alleluia by Bach, and continued to ring the changes, both with her choice of frocks and the music on offer.
The program includes An American Fanfare by Rick Kirby, Suite of Old American Dances by Robert Russell Bennett, Second Suite in F by Gustav Holst, "O Magnum Mysterium" by Morten Lauridsen, Chorale and Alleluia by Howard Hanson and "Old Comrades" March by C.
As I listened, unaware of their words' meaning, suddenly Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia rose .
L'une des particularites du fragment reside dans son groupe de trois Alleluia pour le Lundi de Paques.