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[Middle English, from Medieval Latin, from Late Greek allelouia, from Hebrew halləlû-yāh, praise Yahweh; see hallelujah.]




(Ecclesiastical Terms) praise the Lord! Used more commonly in liturgical contexts in place of hallelujah
(Ecclesiastical Terms) a song of praise to God
[C14: via Medieval Latin from Hebrew hallelūyāh]


(ˌæl əˈlu yə)

interj., n., pl. -ias. interj. n.
2. a song of praise to God.
[1175–1225; Middle English < Late Latin < Greek allēlouíā < Hebrew halălūyāh praise ye Yahweh]


[ˌælɪˈluːjə] Naleluya f


[ˌæləˈluːjə] exclalléluia mall-embracing [ˌɔːlɪmˈbreɪsɪŋ] adj (= all-encompassing) → universel(le)


n(H)alleluja nt
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Starting 7-2 favourite, Alleluia was in the process of bolting up when she sustained a hairline fracture of the pelvis and finished a brave sixth
Finally comes an exultant paean to a new born child (its text a fragment from Norman Silver), its Alleluia chimes in both voice and piano ultimately bursting, via again an extended vocal solo, into an irresistible peal of joy.
30am Sung Mass, Missa Rorate de Coeli - Hadyn, Alleluia - Taverner.
She's from a family that have been brilliant to me over the years as she is related to Alleluia who won the Doncaster Cup, Last Second, who was champion European filly, and Alborada, who won me two Champion Stakes.
It was good to know the BBC was recording this performance for subsequent broadcast; such masterly readings of such a master piece are rare, and even the Oratory bell chimed an appropriate Alleluia.
We listened to stirring scriptural accounts of Jesus' triumph over death, and we sang alleluia in response.
Amen is one of the few words in our religious vocabulary that remains in Hebrew, like alleluia and hosanna.
To stand around a casket, to sing alleluia, to incense the casket - all of those things are saying something about our attitude about death, our reverence for the deceased, and our hope for eternal life.
I've had a lapse on Alleluia for the Cesarewitch, at 5-1, to try to get back what I lost when Hasten To Add emerged over the hill, lobbing along, ears flopping, but then didn't run fast enough, in the 1993 Cesarewitch.
The handicapper may reckon that Alleluia has 19lb in hand in today's
As Saint Michael took over, Jesus had nothing more to do, so he returned to the tomb and waited for the Resurrection while the daughters of God danced in quiet celebration, barely holding back their Easter Alleluia.