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Noun1.allis - European shadallis - European shad        
shad - herring-like food fishes that migrate from the sea to fresh water to spawn
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With the auxiliary engine of an Allis B or C, you didn't have to worry about the PTO on the tractor, but still, not many were sold.
Outside of the digital world, West Allis public health workers celebrated NPHW with a huge bulletin board depicting the role of public health in the larger community, which welcomed visitors as they entered the health department.
Allis pairs musical and literary Victorian personages in fascinating ways.
He was working a security officer when he was arrested June 25, the same day detectives removed large bags of evidence and a refrigerator from his West Allis apartment.
Two Allis frees edged Limerick back in front and it was a lead they never surrendered and the arrival of Shane Dowling gave them a further boost and with his first touch he pointed a free.
Allis partly attributes the disagreements, and Bridges ultimate disillusionment and publication of an alternative version of the poem in 1896, to misgivings about Pam's declamatory approach to text setting.
Mr Allis is from a generation that knew how the game should be played and in a respectable manner.
The company's Simplicity division was once a division of Allis Chalmers until sold in 1983.
Allis met Charley when both were married to others, and made the un conventional choice in the late '40s to have an open marriage.
operates a ductile iron plant in West Allis, as well as plants in Ravenna, Mich.
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On this job, Andy and Allis are clearing a third of an acre to create a place (and lumber) for a customer's future home, but next month may find him sustainably harvesting lumber from woods that will stay woods.