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 (ə-lĭt′ə-rā′tĭv, -ər-ə-)
Of, showing, or characterized by alliteration.

al·lit′er·a′tive·ly adv.
al·lit′er·a′tive·ness n.


in an alliterative manner
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Adv.1.alliteratively - in an alliterative manner; "the early Norse poets wrote alliteratively"
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Highlights include a breakneck spin around Hundred Mile High City and a soulful strut along to Travellers Tune, while basking in the subtle grace of It's A Beautiful Thing and the alliteratively endearing Foxy's Folk Faced.
In fact, a more accurate footballing maxim would be: You can't win anything with kids unless the media have given them a snappy nickname that's alliteratively linked to the surname of their manager.
However, after the corrections of perspective by another's script, his vision is 'splintered' by the broken middle-glasses, which are specifically related to questions of poetic framing by alliteratively bringing rhyme and reason into focus.
With respect to human-automaton associations, Turkle alliteratively asserts "Our relationships to robots are ramping up; our relationships with people are ramping down.
Ovid mimics alliteratively the subhuman noises the men make after the metamorphosis takes hold of their human bodies and deprives them of human speech: 'quamuis sint sub aqua, sub aqua maledicere temptant' (however much they lie under water, they struggle to curse underwater).
The second of Haught's alliteratively titled chapters (Darwin, Design, Diversity, Descent, Drama, etc.
Considering the life designing paradigm offered in 2009 leaves me now ever-so-slightly re-casting, for the reader's ease of recollection and personal contemplation, four fundamental traditions of the field of career counseling and development, proposed here alliteratively as individual differences, individual development, social cognitive deliberation, and individual design.
Alliteratively challenged twelve year old protagonist, Henry Hoey Hobson is at his sixth school in as many years and is the only boy in year seven at Our Lady of the Perpetual Succour Catholic School.
President's five key tools for altering the behavior of a foreign country can be alliteratively characterized as: (1) speaking (statements and negotiations); (2) sweeteners (incentives); (3) sanctions (economic and diplomatic restrictions); (4) sabotage and (5) soldiers (military action).
9) In the Book of Beasts, animal figures effectively become or come to animate the language they can never have; Muldoon's own apologies for collecting an anthology are initially and alliteratively animalized "to slough and slip and slither their way across the screen" (xv), but by the middle of the introduction, the poems themselves become mobile animals that have either "slipped through the net" of the anthology or been "roped in" and "corral[ed]" (xvi).
1:199-202) Catherine is similarly bemused, as her meditations toss her between "broken promises and broken arches, phaetons and false hangings, Tilneys and trapdoors," a series that alliteratively confuses her gothic and her Tilney aspirations (87).
Perry begins by suggesting that we can examine right from wrong using what this reviewer once alliteratively called "rules," "results," or "realities.