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 (ə-lĭt′ə-rā′tĭv, -ər-ə-)
Of, showing, or characterized by alliteration.

al·lit′er·a′tive·ly adv.
al·lit′er·a′tive·ness n.


in an alliterative manner
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Adv.1.alliteratively - in an alliterative manner; "the early Norse poets wrote alliteratively"
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Premiered at Symphony Hall a few years ago by the CBSO and its Choruses, Jonathan Dove's There was a Child is a wonderful setting of texts ranging alliteratively from William Wordsworth to Walt Whitman.
In 2014, at a summit alliteratively entitled "Federalism and the Future of Fossil Fuels," energy companies, lobbyists, and lawyers met with Republican AGs to strategize about challenges to EPA regulations.
You have fed them vitriol, made them viciously intolerant of dissenting voices, I shouted alliteratively to dramatic effect.
At the end of his journey, Johnson's equally alliteratively named character reflects on the developments he has undergone.
When the fine people from New York Social Diary photographed Miz Sherrill at her One Sutton South duplex back in 2007, they declared she "should be some kind of national treasure" and, after she passed in May at age 91, a glowing obituary in the New York Times alliteratively described her as a decorative "doyenne" to the "White-Shoed and Wealthy.
Highlights include a breakneck spin around Hundred Mile High City and a soulful strut along to Travellers Tune, while basking in the subtle grace of It's A Beautiful Thing and the alliteratively endearing Foxy's Folk Faced.
Mailer begins alliteratively and sibilantly--simple, strong, warm-spirited, sly, compassionate, jostling--using monosyllables such as strong, sly, rough, hot eats to emphasize the idea of simplicity.
In fact, a more accurate footballing maxim would be: You can't win anything with kids unless the media have given them a snappy nickname that's alliteratively linked to the surname of their manager.
The names, it turns out, are selected to segue alliteratively into the following remarks:
as in the first initial of the graphic designer and curator's First name and that of his alliteratively titled studio practice, Project Projects, begun in 2004.
Nussbaum (1997, 223) notes how Medea's name is alliteratively strung onto other key words in the play, e.
With respect to human-automaton associations, Turkle alliteratively asserts "Our relationships to robots are ramping up; our relationships with people are ramping down.