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tr.v. al·lo·cat·ed, al·lo·cat·ing, al·lo·cates
1. To set apart for a special purpose; designate: allocate a room to be used for storage.
2. To distribute according to a plan; allot: allocate rations for a week-long camping trip.

[Medieval Latin allocāre, allocāt- : Latin ad-, ad- + Latin locāre, to place (from locus, place).]

al′lo·cat′a·ble adj.
al′lo·ca′tion n.
al′lo·ca·tor n.
Synonyms: allocate, appropriate, assign, designate, earmark
These verbs mean to reserve or select for a specified purpose: allocated time for recreation; appropriated funds for public education; assigned the new computers to the science lab; designated a location for the new hospital; money that was earmarked for a vacation.
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Adj.1.allocatable - capable of being distributed
distributive - serving to distribute or allot or disperse
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However, if the fraction of the remaining assets in the fund allocatable to i (on a premium pro rata basis) after covering the insolvencies of all companies j [member of] [C.
The latest version of PGI Accelerator compilers provide full support for CUDA Fortran on the latest NVIDIA GPU platforms and add support for allocatable device arrays within Fortran modules along with several API enhancements.
This was the detailed end of the concurrency approach, where even the best estimation of allocatable time in the program office and contractor schedules met reality.