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n. pl. al·loch·thons or al·loch·tho·nes (-thə-nēz′)
1. One that originated or was formed in a place other than where it is found, especially a rock formation that has been displaced.
2. A member of a human population that relocated or was displaced from a particular area.
3. Ecology A plant or animal that is not indigenous.

[German : allo-, allo- (from Greek, from allos, other; see al- in Indo-European roots) + Greek khthōn, earth; see dhghem- in Indo-European roots.]
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000 allochthon Turks in the year 2007 (of about 3,2 million allochthons on a total population of 16,3 million).
Specific topics include Silurian-bearing terranes of Alaska, the significance of detrital zircons in Upper Devonian ocean-basin strata of the Sonora allochthon and Lower Permian synorogenic strata of Mina Mexico foredeep in central Sonora, and Late Triassic mixed carbonate-volcaniclastic facies of the Olds Ferry terrane in eastern Oregon and western Idaho.