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1. The disproportionate growth of a part or parts of an organism as the organism changes in size.
2. The study of such growth.

al′lo·met′ric (ăl′ə-mĕt′rĭk) adj.
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Adj.1.allometric - relating to or marked by allometry
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The Texas urban hierarchy grows under the law of allometric growth, which is to say that the rate of growth of an individual city within the system is proportional to that of the system as a whole.
This, from the analysis of the data collected by the National Forest and Soil Inventory, as well as improved collection protocols field variables and the generation of allometric equations.
We created a size-standardized morphospace for 120 specimens (6 specimens were excluded because of damage) with the Allometric Burnaby technique (Burnaby, 1966) implemented in the software PAST, vers.
The first involves studies of single and multi-cellular algae which serves as model systems for allometric scaling laws in evolution.
Morphometric relationships were determined according to the allometric equation of Ricker (1973): Y = a[X.
We estimated harness sizes using allometric equations (Naef-Daenzer 2007) from published weights of the species (90 g: Snow et al.
In accordance with the EPs[R] 7630 standard dose of 60 mg/day for adolescents and adults (body weight 15-60 kg), equivalent doses on the basis of allometric means in mice, rats and guinea pigs would be about 15-36, 7-19 and 615 mg/kg/day, respectively.
All the studies reviewed here strongly agree that airborne Lidar data provides the most accurate estimates of forest biomass, but rigorous procedures should be taken in selecting appropriate allometric equations to use as reference biomass estimates (Zhao, Guo, Kelly 2012).
Allometric regressions of nutrient (g) or energy (kJ) content of EBW on EBW (Equation 1) were conducted (ARC, 1980):
Ecological and allometric determinants of home-range size for mountain lions (Puma concolor).