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1. A transplant of an organ or tissue between genetically different individuals of the same species.
2. The organ or tissue transplanted in such a procedure; an allograft.

al′lo·trans′plant′ v.
al′lo·trans′plan·ta′tion (-plăn-tā′shən) n.


(ˈæl əˌgræft, -ˌgrɑft)

a tissue or organ obtained from one member of a species and grafted to a genetically dissimilar member of the same species. Also called homograft.
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Allotransplantation of the pancreas and duodenum along with the kidney in diabetic nephropathy.
Hand transplantation is a form of composite tissue allotransplantation (CTA).
In the last 14 years, the field of vascularized allotransplantation has become a reality, which we were privileged to publish in the Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development in 2009 [7].
It contains 11 chapters by surgeons from the US and UK who discuss living donation, new surgical techniques, living-donor liver transplantation, antibody-incompatible transplantation, pancreas transplantation, allotransplantation of pancreatic islets, new cell therapies, intestinal transplantation, pediatric renal transplantation, and immunosuppressive pharmacotherapy.
Gerald Brandacher, MD, Scientific Director of the Composite Tissue Allotransplantation Program at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and one of the leaders of the surgical team that performed the 12-hour operation.
Xenotransplantation using porcine cells, tissues and organs has focused on biomedical aspects, with the aim of decreasing wait times for patients who require an allotransplantation.
For example, the chimera has been used to represent the allotransplantation of organs and cells (transplantation between members of the same species), and the lamassu (Figure 1) has been selected as the mythological figure to represent the International Xenotransplantation Association and its official scientific journal, Xenotransplantation.
Working closely with their partners at Gift of Life Donor Program, a team of 30 members - 12 surgeons, three anesthesiologists and 15 nurses - performed the 11-and-one-half hour procedure which is Penn's first venture into the emerging field of Vascularized Composite Allotransplantation (VCA).
in] protection against vascular arterial thrombosis in murine aortic allotransplantation.
As a result of the meeting, which was announced today, MicroIslet has clarified details of the development path for its allotransplantation (same-species) candidate therapeutic approach, which involves microencapsulation of insulin-producing human islet tissues to protect them from immune system rejection, and implanting them, using a minimally invasive procedure, in diabetic patients.
Risk acceptance in composite tissue allotransplantation reconstructive procedures: instrument design and validation.