almond cookie

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Noun1.almond cookie - very rich cookie containing ground almonds; usually crescent-shaped
cookie, cooky, biscuit - any of various small flat sweet cakes (`biscuit' is the British term)
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With rich chocolate flavors such as Mint Almond Cookie and Chocolate Almond Fudge to tropical fruit favorites like Alphonso Mango and Key Lime Creme, DF Mavens is sure to please.
With such scents as Lisa's Ocean Rain, Island Passion, and Almond Cookie, Carol's Daughter brought in revenues of more than $3 million last year, earning it the Emerging Company of the Year, an award which recognizes businesses that have poised themselves for future growth by carving out a special business niche or by adopting creative marketing techniques.
Rodgers says the recipe for tuiles, a thin almond cookie, is her favorite recipe.
With the addition of the two newest varieties, Nonni's Biscotti now comes in seven original recipes, including: Originali (blending almonds with a hint of anise), Cioccolati (Originali dipped in gourmet bittersweet chocolate), Decadence (chocolate almond cookie dipped in bittersweet chocolate), Limone (lemon dipped in white icing), Toffee Almond (filled with bits of toffee and dipped in milk chocolate), Turtle Pecan (filled in caramel, dipped in milk chocolate) and Strawberry & Yogurt (filled with real strawberries and dipped in yogurt).
Flavors include Madagascar Vanilla Bean, Del Lago Chocolate, Peanut Butter Fudge Mash, New Orleans Salted Praline, Mocha Almond Chip, Mint Almond Cookie and many more.
s series of unique rye cookies, including their Vanilla Black Sesame and signature cookie, which is striking & elegant, mildly sweet, with a slight sea salt finish and a delicate toasted crunch, their Marzipan, a fragrant, addictive, crispy & cultured almond cookie, and Maple Dusted Cardamom, in which East meets North America - Luxurious & exotic, dark syrupy notes with smashed pumpkin seeds.
The Natural Soap Chef: Making Luxurious Delights from Cucumber Melon and Almond Cookie to Chai Tea and Espresso Fore" is a guide for those who want to try their own hand at creating their own soaps that have their own unique fragrances that one could never expect out of soaps.
She said that space smells like a "burned almond cookie.
A cheese course and a dessert of wildflower honey ice cream with roasted apricots and almond cookie will complete the meal.
Menu information: Good Luck dinner specials include a dim sum sampler of har gow, siu mai, steamed dumplings, char siu bao and peanut butter dumplings; also chicken and mushrooms over spinach with the house special soup, plus steamed rice and a chocolate almond cookie.
Recommended items: Har gow, siu mai, charsiu bao, peanut butter dumplings, turnip cakes, potstickers, shrimp rolls, scallion pancake, barbecued pork, sesame balls, pepper black bean chicken, roast duck, tofu with pork, garlic shrimp, sauteed string beans, Singapore curry mi-fun, dan dan mein, chocolate almond cookies.
There was Will Wright's ice cream parlor on the north side of Ventura near Van Nuys Boulevard that served little almond cookies with your ice cream sundaes.